“Dance is human movement created and expressed for an aesthetic purpose”

On Friday, 09/09/2016 Pre-primary CPS TMZ organized ‘Spin and Sway’ dance competition event in which our Pre-Primary sensational team entertained the whole crowd with their amazing performances. The best performers received trophies from our beloved Principal, Mrs. Subhashini Govindan at the school’s multipurpose hall where the event was held.
Our section heads attended and appreciated the hidden talents and the team spirit of these little ones. Synchronization, expression and formation of this group was gorgeous and excellent in nature.
Students from various groups gave their best. Their costumes were colorful and matched the songs and its theme. Students though they spinned and swayed to the to the rhythm of the music, many learning objectives like respecting their peer, moving in group, appreciating the colour combinations, managing their costumes, dancing to the rhythm were all distinctly achieved.



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“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” ― John Muir
The children of UKG and Mont-III were taught about animals, their homes and their food habits for a fortnight. Activities based on wild, domestic and aquatic animals were conducted in the class. Children enjoyed making masks of animals and paper cup rabbits as a take away. To take teaching to a more adventurous level, the teachers organized a puppet show for the children. A marvelous jungle like atmosphere was created to make the puppet show more amusing. The surprise element and the charm of the puppets got the children totally hooked to the show. The children were overwhelmed by the puppet show and their constant applauds charged up the teachers, making the event a big hit.

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Sudoku puzzles are an excellent tool for building students’ critical thinking skills and it also enhances their abilities to complete challenging tasks, which play a very important role in classroom performance. To make learning mathematics fun and interesting, a Sudoku competition , “Sudoku Sizzlers “ was organized for grade II students recently. The students were given an age appropriate Sudoku puzzle where they were required to employ logic and the process of elimination to figure out the numbers that fit in each blank square of the puzzle grid. Though figuring out the correct numeral was very tricky the students were engrossed and participated with immense enthusiasm and were filled with joy as the spaces were filled in . It was a rewarding experience for the students as by completing the puzzles they are boosting their mental capacity, increasing their concentration span and developing basic math and logic skills.

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Elocution plays an integral part in toning ones personality and making learning an enriching experience. It strengthens language skills, builds vocabulary and inculcates public speaking qualities. The students of Grade III were given an opportunity to exhibit their speaking skills in an Elocution competition “India My Pride” which was conducted recently. The participants seemed to have mastered the skill as they were clear , loud and full of expression, using intonations at right intervals and giving incredible facts of India both the past , present and the future , reasoning , why we need to be proud to be an Indian. This event allowed the students to explore and tap their hidden talents shedding their inhibitions.

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True to the quote stated above, we need to make our young minds aware about the different helpers in our community, what jobs they do and how these individuals affect the overall functioning of the society. In order to expose the students to occupations from different walks of life , the students of grade I were encouraged to participate in a competition wherein they were asked to dress up as their favourite community helper, be it a police officer , a fire fighter, an army officer, a nurse , a garbage collector or a teacher. They also had to speak a few words on them. It was indeed a heart warming moment to see all the children take up their favourite roles. Through this activity the students were able to recognize the fact that all the helpers of the community form the backbone of the society and much reverence and regard needs to be given to them as the absence of one helper would hamper the smooth running of the society.

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Art and Crafts are two different activities, while art is an open ended or unstructured activity, crafts are goal oriented or structured. In order to allow the children to experiment and learn from both , an art and crafts fair titled “Floral Creation “was organized for the third graders on 15/6/16. The teachers encouraged the children to design their own projects using pens, clay, paint , glitter pens and thermocol. The students came out with diverse models like wall hangings, sculptures, paintings , faces of animals etc which was not only mesmerizing but also showcased the fact that children can exceed expectations when given the right opportunity and environment. The artistic work were exhibited in the classrooms for parents to witness the original creations of their wards. It was an exhilarating and proud moment for all the designers.

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Creativity is expressing one’s own idea. The best way to develop this creativity is to provide a variety of materials, and give children time to create on their own. In order to encourage children to try this new art experience, an event titled “Crazy colours’ was organized for the Ist graders recently. This paved the way for the children to create, explore, discover and experiment improving the control of the small muscles in their hands. The important aspect of conducting this event was the process, as freedom was given to them to decide what to create and how they would like to execute it. The students were happy to see their artistic work on display and their work was judged for its creativity and expression of ideas.

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This club activity was conducted to enlighten children of the Alliance in the form of Cultural and Educational exchange between India and its neighboring countries. The alliance exchange including understanding and complying with individual government laws and regulations, offering the fullest possible equality of opportunity for member countries and treating all individuals with dignity was discussed.
A video on SAARC its inception, member countries functions and its role were shown in the class.
The teachers conducted a quiz about India and its neighbors giving clues from various geographical facts and tidbits India shared with its neighbors. It was invigorating to see the children participate. A visual round was conducted based on monuments, currency flags, and various famous people in the neighboring countries. A highly energetic session with the students on the edge to call out the answer was witnessed.


The club activity began with word building with children inquisitively hunting for words, followed by an Extempore, a spontaneous exchange of real life experiences related to forgiveness. Extempore was a challenge and children had the opportunity to share their experiences on forgiveness. Word building made them hunt for the maximum possible words with zest and inquisitiveness.
The club hour ended with spell bee competition in which the students took part with zeal and vigor.

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Patterns are the perfect way to get the children on the road to math mystery. It also aids in developing mental, critical and logical thinking. In order to make this learning an enjoyable experience, the preliminary round for the Maths competition titled ‘FAVOURITE PATTERNS’ has conducted on the 1st July. Cut outs shaped such as squares, triangles, rectangle and circle was given to the student which was converted into a house. We selected the best 5 from each section for the final round. In the final round the contestants brought their own materials and innovatively created their different patterns.

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