The event staying in Touch was organised for our Pre-primary children to help children understand the important role of the communication and the technology media. In accordance with this event, the students of Mont I,II and Lkg were introduced to the latest technologies and other social applications used in communication and learnt their importance. The children made a Skype call to one of our parents in Japan and enjoyed having a conversation with him. It was a wonderful learning experience for the children and the parent was also excited to see his child in the class room atmosphere from Japan. Children also got an opportunity to chat with few Japanese during the connection. Through this event, the children learnt the important role of technology media in allowing us to stay connected around the world, between family and friends.
The students of Ukg and Mont III brought self addressed post cards on to which they enjoyed writing a letter of Diwali wishes for their parents. The children later eagerly queued and posted their cards into a handmade post box. This event was planned to familiarize the children with the traditional method of letter writing which is slowly becoming extinct. Later the students expressed their excitement to receive the letter that they have mailed.
Through this event, the children got familisarized with the knowledge of operating a Skype, concept of writing letters and the process of mail delivery system.








Celebrating traditional festivities imparts the core aspects of our culture and is incredibly fun for young children and hence the joyous festival of Navrathri was celebrated in grandeur by the pre primary department . A traditional step golu was set up and the children took great pride in setting up the golu with various kinds of idols and dolls brought by them in both main campus and at Junior Academy. A vibrant Dandia and gharba dance presentation was done by our children adding more colour to the festivity. The parents actively participated in our celebration and entertained our children through singing, dance, and storytelling, all of which were highlighting the importance of the celebration of the Navrathri festival. Principal and Vice Principals joined the celebrations and encouraged the children. This astounding celebration lighted all hearts with joy and happiness, the true spirit of the festival.










“Oh birds of beauty, the sky is your home. Just spread your wings and fly high” –
As a motive to help children value and appreciate nature the CPS pre primary wing organised the event Wind beneath the Wings, an event to promote the interest of children on birds. Variety of information about birds was presented to the children in order to get beyond their surface level of understanding. This event promoted to reinforce concepts about birds and provided an opportunity for the children to appreciate the beauty, wonder and broadened their context of their learning on birds. At the end of the day the children were happy to carry back home interesting take away like Flapping bird puppet, chick hand puppets and a chick pen stand made out of paper cup done by them.





“There are many little ways to enlarge a child’s world. Love of book is the best of all.” – Jacqueline Kennedy.
Reading books is a good habit that a child should learn early in life and that skill will undeniably help them well into adulthood. To inspire, instil and to develop interest on reading books among our children, the Junior Academy children and the UKG& MONT III children conceptualised the event “Pick a Book.”
For this event, at Junior Academy each child was allowed to pick a book of their choice and level and they spent time joyously attempting to read the book. At the main campus the children were taken to the school library and were given the opportunity to experience a library environment. The children read the books with excitement, curiosity and interest.
The triumphant look at each child when they stepped out of the library at the end of the event did reflect the fact that this event has instigated many young readers.






The Navrathri festival was celebrated by Superkidz with a motive to promote cultural heritages and experiences among our enrolled participants. The significance of this festival is the power of womanhood and hence this was highlighted as our theme for this festivity. A traditional five – padi (steps) golu was set up which was adorned by various kind of idols and dolls brought by our students. The different stages of women and women who have pioneered in power, education and wealth signifying goddesses Shakthi, Saraswathi and Lakshmi were also featured along with the Golu. The students were given dandia sticks made out of newspapers as take home gifts. These are some of the pictures showing the grandeur of our festivity.








CPS Group of Schools has been nominated to send a team comprising 26 delegate participants from classes 8-12 to the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) International Model United Nations (WIMUN) in November 2015. WIMUN will take place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York and at the Grand Hyatt in Manhattan. At this unique Model United Nations conference, participants will role play as diplomats, world leaders and key decision makers for 5 days on the conference theme of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which form an integral part of the UN’s Post 2015 agenda.
Mr. Finn Carlson, Under-Secretary-General WIMUN ’15 & Delegate at the United Nations Department of Public Information (UNDPI) was at CPS on 12th & 13th Oct 2015 to provide exclusive training to the student delegates.
The 6-module training session started off with the history and detailed study of the United Nations, its members and its bodies. The delegates were given a clear idea about the various councils, committees and structure of the UN. The second module shed light on the proceedings at the UN. The students were taught the rules to prepare an official resolution and the method of amendments.
As the session proceeded Mr. Finn then moved on to the rules of procedure where he trained the students for the UN4MUN procedure and the 5 step decision making process of Debate, Negotiation, Action Phase, Implementation and Reporting. Here the participants prepared resolution and had a mock decision making session. The Consensus session was considered the most exciting part of the workshop where a simulation was hosted. Interestingly, the students had to attain consensus on a Pizza!

As day-2 kick started, students were professionally trained the UN code of conduct and they had a line by line review session during which they represented a country of their choice and role-played a GA session. Then, the participants were given the particulars of the conference and did a detailed comparison of the actual GA session and the MUN.

After a brief training session on Public Speaking, Mr. Carlson shared resources for the WIMUN, affiliated the delegation, included them in the WIMUN GA ELECTIONS and concluded the training. Thus the two days training covered various aspects about Model United Nations, the UN, the UN4MUN procedures as well as simulation exercises. The Delegates are fully charged to fly to the New York City on 8th Nov.

Good Luck and Best wishes !!!





WIMUN 2015 Finn



Pre-Primary TMZ celebrated Gandhi Jayanti to mark the occasion of the birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the “Father of the Nation” in our school campus with fun filled activities.
Whole Pre Primary gathered in the assembly hall and we kick started the event by singing together ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram’. Children dressed up smartly like Little Ghandhiji to deliver speeches on his biography in various languages and demonstrate the ‘Charka’. They were shown the videos of Mahatama Gandhi, currency notes and Dandhi March to understand the achievement of freedom. All enjoyed wearing Bandana on their heads and ‘Ghandhi’s Spectacles’ as take home created during newspaper activity.
It was followed by creating a sense of responsibility and awareness by evoking our children to join ‘clean our school campus’ in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan movement by chanting Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram’around the campus.

Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram
Patita Pavan Sitaram, Ishwar Allah Tero Nam,
Sabako Sanmati De Bhagawan














“A work of art is a trace of a magnificient culture”
Dazzling lights, glittering attire, reverberating music, hustle and bustle of the crowd, red carpet rolled out, curtains drawn up…. Yes, yet another momentous day in the annals of Chennai Public School – Our Annual Day.
Numbers are powerful energies that rule matter. The number seven has always been considered auspicious in various cultures. CPS is on the threshold of the seventh year in the journey of igniting young minds ……thus SAPTHA SPANDAN.
“His words give solace to the sick, his touch gives life to the heart, and his presence gives hope to many”……. The world renowned Cardio surgeon, Padma Shree DR. K.M. Cherian, our special guest, held the audience spell bound by his eloquent speech.
Our Chief Guest Dr.G.Vishwanathan, Founder and Chancellor, Vellore Institute of technology led us to the wonderful world of education and success .He said we Indians should also strive to achieve educational excellence paralleling countries like Finland and Korea. He also announced that the best outgoing students of each stream will be honored with a gold medal every year.
The School Annual Report was presented by our Principal, Mrs. Asha Nathan which gave a brief overview of the achievements of CPS during the Academic year 2014-15. The new initiatives of CPS for the current Academic Session was the digital release of the school magazine “My Pride” Volume II and the release of the CPS Math journal.
Prize distribution was the most remarkable facet of the day’s events.Every deserving student was acknowledged according to his talent and achievements. Teachers were also felicitated for their dedicated and untiring effort for grooming young minds.
With serenity in their soul, passion in their heart, and faith in a better tomorrow the tiny tots of CPS displayed an array of events which was a feast to the eyes.
The seniors marched on with the sensitivity to accept the things one cannot change in life, the courage to change the things one can, the wisdom to know the difference and the compassion to reach out to those who don’t.
There is no real ending; it’s just the place where you stop the story. Tonight, we stop our story here, promising to unravel our tale a of magic again next year.


CPS 0006



CPS 0022




CPS 0031DSC_7695




“ANVAYA” Music classes commenced at Superkidz – Junior Academy!

Music is one of the greatest gifts you could give your child and one that will last them a lifetime. Words paired with music are far easier to retain. As an example, most of us can remember the words and meanings of songs we haven’t heard for years. Music is also an effective, almost magical medium for learning and retaining information. Music helps to develop will power and discipline. Music lessons develop social and communication skills.

Keeping this fact in mind, we decided to introduce a structured and planned musical teaching in Superkidz at Junior Block. And now we are glad to inform that the “ANVAYA”, a team of Classical Vocal Music Performers who are passionate about sharing the joy of music-making with young children, have joined hands with us and commenced their Music classes as part of Superkidz Program at Junior Block. The kids thoroughly enjoy the songs taught in different languages and on different topics.