Krishna Jayanti popularly known as Janmashtami was celebrated with great vigour at Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai. Students of Pre-Primary were colourfully and traditionally dressed as Radha or Krishna and went gallivanting round the ground floor school corridor after which they had a “Dandiya Dance”. Their innocence, graceful dress, happiness displayed were a great to the eye.

Many children from the higher classes participated in the Pot Painting competition to mark the day. The morning special assembly oriented to direct the school to create an awareness about the creator and sustainer of the earth and some of his lilas brought special values in everyone’s life. Principal, Mrs. Subhashini Govindan and the co-ordinators of all sections worked hard to make this day a memorable one for all.DSCN1108DSCN1102DSCN1125DSCN1223DSCN1073IMG_2669DSCN1022


The Independence Day celebration was stretched in a span of four to five days at Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai.

Children of Pre-Primary CPS Thirumazhisai flaunted their patriotic feeling by celebrating 70th Independence Day of India in style. Independence Day is a time of celebration to express one’s patriotism and love for the country.

Our beloved principal madam flagged off the tiny tots, gracefully incorporated Independence Day parade and joined the cheering young patriotic team who were full of great enthusiasm in shouting the slogans of ‘Vandhe Matharam’ and Jai Hindh’ at the top of their voice by wearing tricolor national flag. Children exhibited their creativity by performing cultural show and the Independence Day carryhome worksheets. Chocolates were distributed at the end of the day to mark the celebration.

Various sections celebrated in a different way and created awareness about our Independence among the young minds. Students of lower primary had a fancy dress competition during which they were dressed up as great patriotic leaders. In some classes a talk show, a quiz mania, photography display were all conducted all narrowing down to the theme of Independence Day.

Students of higher classes had a round of street plays emphasizing on theme of freedom fighters and Independence Day struggle. They also saluted the National Flag when National Anthem was sung. Great thoughts about the freedom fighters were shared and also about Indian independence.


CPS-TMZ-Electrochemistry & Corrosion Camp 2016

National Association of Corrosion Engineers – Kalpakkam in collaboration with the Society for Advancement of Electrochemical Science & Technology conducted 2 days workshop on Electrochemistry and Corrosion at the end of which a competition was held amongst the participating schools. 8 students of Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai under the guidance of chemistry teachers Ms. Mini Simon and Ms. Reena Nair participated in the competition in which Rithu C R and Vishwanath C of Class XI and Vedika Iyer and Anto Jevin of Class XII were declared winners and won a Citation, a Certificate and a Cash Award.
Tarun Suresh, Umasri.S, Rashmika Murali and Ajay Raghavender from Class X participated and gave their best. Vedika Iyer and Anto Jevin were very well appreciated for their speech on Fuel Cell and Vedika Iyer’s speech found a spell bound audience. Amidst stiff competition they came out in flying colors and were congratulated and appreciated by the Principal Mrs. Subhashini Govindan.


CPS-TMZ-Students Brought Laurels in Sports

The YMCA College of Physical Education conducted the Buck Memorial Sports Festival 2016 between 02/08 and 05/08 of 2016 recently in which Chennai Public School Thirumazhisai participated in Under 16 and Under 14 Boys and Girls and went on to win 4 Gold, 3 Silver and 5 Bronze and also won the prestigious overall trophy for the school.

The Gold Medals were won by S.S. Naveen Kumar of Std. XI, M. Dinesh, M.K.Kathiravan and R.C.Prajith of Std. XII for Under-16 Boys in the event 4x100m relay.

The Silver was won by R.Maitherei of Std. IX for Shotput, T.S.B.Aryen of Std. X and V.Abhishek of Std. XI in the event Long Jump and 1500m running respectively.

The Bronze was won by Benet Joshua for Under-16 in Shotput, K.Madhumita, A.V. Ajitha Jane and P.Amanda of class VIII and Shraddha Ganesh of Std. VII in under-14, 4x100m relay. All of them won Medals and Certificates for themselves and a Trophy for the school.



“The 70th ‪Independence‬ Day at Chennai Public ‪School‬ was remembered with a sense of ‪patriotism‬ and comradeship. Mrs. Swarna Ramesh Additional Director, Robotics, CVRDE graced the occasion, addressed the ‪‎students‬ on how the Indian Defense plays an important role through manned and unmanned tracked vehicles to protect the interests of the nation. She further urged the students to take up Robotics, the Artificial Intelligence as one of the career prospects.
On this occasion, meritorious students were honoured with Academic Proficiency Awards who had put in the heart and soul throughout the year working to excel in all spheres of academics. With Freedom in the Mind, Faith in the Words, Pride in our Souls, Let’s salute the Nation on this 70th I Day!



“My friend –because of you I laugh a little harder, cry a little less and smile a lot more”

Our friendship theme at CPS “Dosthi Masti” saw the children celebrating the joy of making and having friends. During the week they were engaged in sharing and caring activities. They were engaged to get to know their friends better through fun activities. The morals learnt from the stories on friendship not only got them thinking but practicing them as well. At the end of the week the children from Mont-III and UKG lovingly made colourful friendship bands and tied it with pride on their best friend’s wrists. At Junior Academy children enjoyed taking photographs with their friends which they will cherish for years. The students also enjoyed exchanging friendship puppets which they made in class.









With the World Friendship Day just round the corner, the students of Pre-Primary of Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai made friendship bands and tied it for their friends. Silk ribbons entwined with smileys and slogans of Happy Friendship Day were exchanged between their peer on 5th Aug’2016. The chirpy and enthusiastic toddlers were briefed about the values of “Good Friendship” and were allowed to don the self made friendship bands. They were happy to tie the friendship band for the Principal Mrs. Subhashini Govindan and were mighty thrilled when she pronounced all of them to be her dear and good friends.



We all live in a super-fast, crowded and busy time period. We have to perform multiple tasks throughout the day and the area which has been the most affected by this phenomenal change is the physical well being of humanity on the whole. Generally adults and children have failed to maintain good health because of their lazy ,idle and precarious eating habits. Inculcating healthy food habits in our children has become a herculean task. Thus recognizing the need of the hour, a science activity on “Fireless Cooking” was organized and orchestrated by the grade IV students. The children participated very enthusiastically and presented some very unique and mouth watering delicacies. They were made aware of the importance of different nutrients present in the food and how the lack of these will lead to different health issues. A quiz competition was also conducted to re-iterate the fact that good health provides us freedom from all the sickness and diseases and is the most costly and precious gift of life.




Pre-Primary students of Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai had a gala-time on August 1st 2016 at the school’s multipurpose hall where they played multifarious games with their friends and teachers. One would wonder about the number and variety of games that were displayed. Right from the contemporary LEGO blocks to the age old Pallanghuzhi; It was a feast to the eye to see such varieties. To name a few there were small ludo boards, small carrom boards, magnetic fish ponds, small chess boards, small business boards, snake and ladder boards, puzzles, blocks, small badminton, Chinese checkers, spinning top and what not.

Class teachers, Co-ordinator and the Principal played a few games with them; Principal Mrs. Subhashini Govindan appreciated this special activity organized by and for the Pre-Primary alone which was directed towards development of their fine motor skills.

DSCN0049DSCN0071DSCN0052Fun with games 1Fun With GamesDSCN0141


Today’s generation is plagued by short-term concentration spans! Since it is difficult to hold kids’ attention these days, it is extremely important to encourage our little ones to communicate more.
We in CPS had a colourful event “Tell a Tale” A story telling competition on 5.8.16. The kids were excited, clad in costumes of different characters of their choice. Parents helped in preparing the wonderful props and the children enthusiastically participated in the event. This Little Story Tellers contest will help our little ones work on their communication and language skills and create their own magical world.