“The most valuable gift a human can give to others is to share and care.
Share what you have, care for those you have.”
Sharing and caring is a vital life skill that will accelerate the process of teaching social competency among young children. To provide our pre primary students the opportunity to learn about and practise sharing and caring, the CPS Pre Primary wing organised the Share and Care Day. For the event, each child gifted one of their friends with a story book to express their readiness to share and care towards their friends. The happiness in each child’s face was reflected with a beaming smile filled with joy and satisfaction when they gave away and received the gift from their friends.
This event has provided our young learners a better understanding of the moral concepts of “Share & Care”. This experience will help the children to evolve successful in social adaptation for now and lifelong.








“He that plants trees loves others beside himself.”
In a motive to educate the young minds on the need and responsibility to preserve Mother Nature, the event Foliage fun was organized by the CPS Pre-Primary wing (UKG / MONT III).
A series of activity was planned for our young learners to instill the learning on Plant life. The children were given a live experience to witness the process of germination of seeds, as each child of the Pre-Primary (UKG / MONT III) was made to sow the seeds of different kind of plants and water them. The children were excited to observe the different phases in the plant germination process. The children were also taken around the campus and were taught about the different plants and trees in CPS campus and were also made to water some plants.
At the end of the week, children carried back attractive take-away like plant saplings and flower made out of craft paper and thermo coal balls. This event will inspire our children to realize the importance of growing more trees and to make the world we live in a much better place for them and for the generations to come.








Superkidz, the CPS after-school enrichment program is proud to announce its collaboration with Sociable Interactive Progressive (SIP) Academy India Pvt. Ltd, an organization known for its well researched and unique learning methodology aimed to prepare the children to face competition and instill competitive spirit and winning attitude in them.
The Superkidz curriculum is designed to provide a right stimulating environment, where the talents of each child will be nurtured and will develop the child into superstars of tomorrow’s competitive society. To accomplish this mission we have joined hands with SIP Academy India Pvt. Ltd, where the academy’s experts will teach our Superkidz , Accelerated Mental Learning program focused on teaching children ‘how to learn’ by improving their logical thinking. The SIP Abacus and Brain Gym programme will be refining the concentration, listening and numerical skills of our Superkidz.
To discover, strengthen and enrich our Superkidz in various innate talents they possess various multifarious activities like skating, chess, western music, western dance, art and puppetry are included in the program.
Through this holistic program the cognitive, resilience skills and inner strength of each child will be well identified and channelized to pave a strong foundation for their life-long development and success.





“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”
In order to inculcate healthy eating habits in our young learners, a delectable event- “Bon Appetit” was organized by the CPS Pre primary wing. In this event, the children participated in the making of healthy scrumptious food preparations like vegetable Salad, bread sandwich and fruit salad. This event was conceptualized, as learning to make and enjoy healthy food early in life, can significantly impact long term health.
The children recognized different food ingredients involved in the preparation and they were oriented about the goodness of these vegetables and fruits in their daily diet. They beamed with excitement to participate in some pre preparation activities, like peeling and grating the vegetables and placing the vegetable filling in the sandwich and preparing the salads. Finally the children got to taste their appetizing preparations which gave them more happiness to have it along with their friends.
This event helped the children to explore on healthy food choices, discover the colourful varieties of fruits and vegetables and to experience the fun of getting involved in food preparation. This event for sure would instigate our young minds to learn, experiment and have fun with more healthy food preparations.






Primary Level Orientation Meet (10/08/2015 to 12/08/2015)
The series of Parent Orientation meet for the lower Primary classes 1 to 5 was held between 10/08/2015 and 12/08/2015 at the school conference hall during the school hours in allocated time slots.
Principal Mrs. Subhashini Govindan, welcomed and addressed the Parents and oriented them about the ‘do’s ’ of the parents. She requested the parents to have a paradigm shift in taking care of Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas of their wards so that the child gets to grow intelligently, emotionally and spiritually well balanced.
Ms.Radhika Ravi, Vice Principal of the primary section introduced her team and explained to the parents about the different subjects that a child has to study at various levels and also about the new subjects that a child at CPS-TMZ has to study like ESOL iKen,C.S etc., which are introduced to give them that extra edge which is of quintessential to perform in this competitive world. These meetings were well attended and feedback forms were filled. Some of their querries were addressed and sorted out immediately which was well appreciated by the parents.
Picture 017DSCN0775Picture 050DSCN0793Picture 059


A Guest lecture was organized for students of standard 8 to 12 regarding the dangerous and fast spreading disease- CANCER. This was a part of “Awarness” programme.
Ms.Reena Saha from Delhi , Health Department addressed the students and explained to them about the body mechanisms and its consequences. She also gave a brief noting about the deadly disease and its symptoms. Rising up early and walking in the open, between 4 a.m to 6 a.m to absorb the good Cosmic rays was one of the important tips she shared with the students to keep themselves free from all kinds of diseases leave alone cancer. Her lecture was enjoyed by one and all. Principal Mrs. Subhashini Govindan honoured her with a Momento to carry back home. The students left with a load knowledge about cancer in totality.
Picture 141Picture 152Picture 142Picture 162
The lecture was so very informative that the same was once again arranged for the students of classes 6 & 7 on 10/08/2015.


The first orientation Meet for the Pre- Primary section for the academic session 2015-16 was held from 5th Aug to 8th Aug 2015 when the Principal Teachers and the parents came together for a clear understanding about the vision , mission and motto of the school.
Principal Mrs.Subhashini Govindan welcomed and addressed the gathering after a prayer presented by the school choir. Madam, Principal emphasized that the lessons leading to hand-eye Co-Ordination of the tiny tots was an important factor to be achieved at the end of the day which was being practiced regularly at CPS –TMZ through various kinds of Innovative Methodology. The Pre-Primary Co-Ordinator Mrs. Amutha Senthilnathan introduced her team of teachers and oriented the parents about the difference between Montessori Pedagogy and kindergarten Pedagogies. Though the teaching methodologies varied both ultimately resulted in the overall development of the child was under lined . At the end of the session the parents filled a feedback form to express their views. Most of them were very positive and a couple of issues which the parents had, were ironed out through one to one meeting.
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A visit to INS Sumitra which is docked in Chennai Port was organised by our School on 12/08/2015 (Wednesday). The group consisted of 45 students and 7 teachers. The group left the school at 10.30 am and reached Chennai port at 12.00 noon. We were received by the Naval team and were briefed about the ship INS Sumitra and its roles and responsibilities. Then the group was taken to the upper deck of the ship. There we were shown the various equipments like anchor, guns, navigation chamber etc. We were also shown a short documentary on Operation Raahat, in which INS Sumitra played a crucial role in rescuing and evacuating refugees from war torn Yemen. The students were greatly impressed and excited to be on the ship. All their querries and doubts were answered by the naval personal on the board. Then the refreshmants were served after which our students enriched with knowledge about INS SUMITHRA the Indian warship, thanked the host and left the port by 2.00 pm.The group reached school at 3.15 pm.20150812_12485220150812_121442IMG_20150812_130233IMG_20150812_13333520150812_123242
It was a once in a life time experience to all of us, who had never been to a warship before. We thanked the Management and the Principal for this opportunity.
(Note: Compiled & presented by students of class 9).


The CPS Pre primary wing to foster this patriotism among our young leaders of tomorrow celebrated the country’s 69th Independence Day with great pride and joy. The celebrations started with a jubilant assembly organized by Mont-III K students. The students effectively displayed the significance of our tricolor national flag and our national symbols. The assembly was adorned further when the young learners flawlessly took the pledge and sang with all pride, the national anthem.
One of our country’s pride and identity is our sense of unity among diverse Indian cultures and societies. To orient this legacy of ours, an event was organized involving our ever enthusiastic parents. Parents of different states from each class in both Junior Academy and main campus were selected and they shared information about the cultures and heritage of their respective states. The children listened with great interest. The parents were kind enough to also treat our young learner’s taste buds with tasty delicacies from their states. To return this kind gesture the tiny tots presented the parents with a “Thank You” card. At the end of this eventful day, the young minds were ignited with patriotism and loyalty towards their country. May this patriotism evolve more in these young minds and transcend them into the torch bearers of tomorrow’s India.
Jai Hind!









Freedom in minds
Faith in our words
Pride in our heart
Memories in our souls

That was how we started our Independence Day Celebration at CPS. After the school prayer, the National Flag was hoisted by the Chief Guest of the day Dr.V Thangaraj, Controller of Examinations – Vel Tech University. Our esteemed Principal Mrs. Asha Nathan welcomed the gathering. The Independence Day message delivered by Sushmitha Ram & S. Janvi of Class X reiterated that India will undoubtedly emerge as a super power in the near future. Mrs Samita Basu, the Vice Principal of Pre primary and Primary wing introduced the Chief Guest Dr.V. Thangaraj. Short, crisp and informative were the keynote of the Chief Guest’s address. Distribution of Awards for the students was the next on the agenda. Release of a patriotic number dedicated to our former President Dr. Abdul Kalam by Mr. Shanmugam (H.O.D. of Tamil Department) revved up the patriotic fervor in everyone present. Mrs. Vijayashree, the Vice Principal of the Middle school delivered