The emotional feeling that one belongs to a classroom and School community is considered a necessary sign to the successful learning experience. In an era when traditional sources of belonging have diminished due to changing community life styles, the school plays an increasingly important role in meeting this need.
Every child should feel that it’s their school and it’s their duty to maintain the decorum. They should prove their belongingness through their well mannered behavior.
To make every kid feel that it’s their school and it’s their pride, an event – “My school My Pride” was organized on 12th Sep 2014 by the Pre Primary department.
The pre primary (UKG and Mont III) tiny tots went on a parade to all higher classes with Placards bearing slogans about how to behave in school and insisting them to maintain their classrooms and school surroundings neat. The higher class children were so thrilled and excited to welcome these tiny tots and patiently listened to them. Their loud applause showed how far they enjoyed the demonstration. This appreciation gave us a trust that they will surely have a change in them in developing their belongingness towards the school.
Junior Block (Mont I, II and LKG) children were involved in a mini cleaning up activity to make them understand that their school is their pride and it’s their duty to keep it clean. Children enjoyed this cleaning activity and they had a real competition in collecting the thrown papers and leaves from the ground (Unclean setup was created for this purpose) It was a wonderful scene to see the tiny tots with the gloves , collecting the unwanted things and throwing them into the dustbin along with their peer group.
Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.

Follow the below link for viewing the pictures.


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