Navaratri is one of the most famous festivals of India. Celebrated across the country, it showcases the vibrant richness of Indian tradition and culture. Navratri festivities got underway at the Superkidz with amazing zeal amongst the children to celebrate the nine day long festival to commemorate and invoke the blessings of Goddess Durga in her various forms.

Superkidz celebrated Navratri with great joy and vigor. Superkidz of UKG / Mont -3 and Class 1 and above set up a vibrant Golu. What made this special was that students contributed dolls, toys and idols to create the Golu. This gave them a sense of participation and achievement. The students came dressed in traditional attire which made for a spectacular visual treat for everyone to see and relish. They were served the traditional Sundal, Kesari and Sweets prepared by the teachers. There was a beautiful Dandia Dance performance by our tiny tots of class 1 and 2. All the students were given an insight on how people across the country have their unique way of celebrating the festival and how the different states of India celebrate the auspicious nine nights of Navratri.

The “Craft golu “ by Junior Superkids of Mont 1 and 2 was a colourful array of craft made by the tiny tots. The singing angels, which they had made on the “Be an angel day”, the smiley cup dangler, the crawly crocodiles beside the pond and the dancing peacocks. Some of them sang songs and danced and shared stories of their toys in gollu at their home. The tiny tots enjoyed doing the pookolaam. And to top it all; they wore their fancy hats which they had made on the “International hat day”.
The children’s joy knew no bounds and for some it was definitely an experience of a lifetime. The students went back thrilled to revel in the festive season at home too.
We wish all our Superkidz and their loved ones a very Happy and Prosperous Festive Season !!!

Follow the below link for viewing the photographs..


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