Until one has loved an animal; a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

A month long learning on the animal kingdom and birds came to an end with the event called Fauna Fun & Flying Beauties which was held at CPS Junior Academy conducted by the pre-primary wing. The teachers set up a spectacular mini forest, deep sea and a farm for the children. The woody aroma of the ambient environment in the forest coupled with the perfect lighting and noises of the animals and birds filled the air just enough to bring a shiver down the spine. The deep sea set up gave a feeling of visiting an underground aquarium surrounded by a host of sea creatures. The song, ‘old MacDonald had a farm’ has been heard and sung by most children, but this event brought to life old Macdonald’s farm with all its splendor and glory.

During the course of the month Mont II and LKG were given interesting and fun filled activities on animals and birds. Mont III and UKG children were involved in a research project about their favourite animal, which got them inquisitive and they wanted to learn more about their favourite animal. Children were also taught to embrace the beauty of nature and thus were involved in a group activity making a bird’s nest. CPS Global school ELP children were the special invitee for the show which gave them a thrilling experience.

A little craft work on making peacocks (Mont III) pop up chick (Mont II), Waving Bird (UKG). Handy Parrot (LKG) were like icing on a cake, which was later taken home as memories to be treasured.

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