The Social Science Department of CPS TMZ had arranged a multicultural display of CULTURE & HERITAGE on the 27th October 2017. The students of classes VI to VIII has chosen some countries around the world and displayed the culture, heritage, music, food, art forms, geography, history etc.

This event paved a gateway to the students to learn, to understand and to appreciate the various diversities, that also exhibited similarities with our own country. This was an approach to embed co-curricular activities to connect with the curriculum for learning enhancement.
The presentations were assessed by the Social Science Department. Classes VI A, VII C & VIII A were announced as the winners.


Chennai public school, Thirumazhisai organized a drawing and coloring competition on Wednesday, 25th Oct 2017 on the occasion of Picasso day for the budding artists of the Pre-primary department.

The tiny tots of Pre KG/Mont-I brought the cartoon to life using vibrant colors.

LKG/Mont II students brought their talent to the fore by using beautiful color combinations to complete the scenery.

UKG/Mont III students exhibited their creativity by drawing a beautiful landscape and coloring it to give an arty effect.

The art works were judged on the basis of creativity, neatness, color combination and overall effect.

It was indeed delightful to see our “Picassos” give wings to their vivid imagination.

MONT I-1.jpg

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The Social Science department and the students of classes 9 and 10 staged a Mock Parliament on October 24, 2017 at Thirumazhisai campus on the occasion of United Nations Day. The students replicated a session of proceedings in the lower House of Parliament. The Speaker (Sara Sabu of 10 B) presided over the question hour session which discussed the issues of (i) Health problems caused by carrying heavy school bags. (ii) Steps taken by the Government to ensure safety of the girl child and (iii) Steps taken by the Government to end discrimination in the country and ensure gender equality. The House took up for consideration the prevention of atrocities towards Women and the Girl Child.

The students participated with full zeal and exhibited their oratory skills explicitly. Principal Mrs. Chitrakala Ramachandran lauded the effort of the students.


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“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin” – William Shakespeare

Our Pre Primary children had a week long learning session about plants and their uses. Students of UKG and Mont III also had a walk around the school and exploring the plants and enjoyed watering them. A Talk Show on the topic “Go Green” was also conducted.
Few outdoor activities on “Parts of Plant” and “Find the Herb & Shrub” were organized for Mont II and LKG students, where kids enjoyed fixing the parts of the plants step by step. They also had the real fun in growing tiny shrubs around their favorite tree behind the school building.

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Life skills have been defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as “abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life”.

UKG & Mont 3 children are introduced with few basic Life Skill Activities which will help the kids to perform these simple activities in their day to day life with ease. Activities like folding towels, covering the pillows, folding Newspapers, watering plants were the few activities so far introduced, which will surely make the kids try the same at home too. Parents should engage the kids with these small activities at home and thus could avoid them sitting in front of television for a long time and playing with mobiles.

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Math is a fun filled subject, a few strategies are required to be adopted to break the ice and motivate our dynamic young minds to incorporate innovative and non conventional techniques in learning the subject. All the fourth and fifth graders had to take up a challenging and brain bending test paper with questions based on logical and reasoning abilities, vocabulary in math and geometrical shapes etc in the preliminary round. Sixteen students each from the fourth and fifth grades made it to the finals and they had to take up the math quiz . They were divided according to their houses into four teams. The students deliberated, debated and quizzed their minds out to answer questions related to mathematical operations, patterns, time management and multiplication tables. The active participation and enthusiasm exhibited by the students proved that they could benefit as well as enjoy learning the subject in a competitive way.

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”We tend to become, like those whom we admire.”


 A competition “Being a hero” was conducted for class 1 and 2 on 13/10/2017.Students participated and exhibited their oratory skills, acting talent etc. They chose varied personality who had inspired them. To name a few as a Farmer, Malala Yousafzai, Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, Mother Theresa etc.

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Caterpillar Private limited at Thiruvallur celebrated “Manufacturing Day” on October 14th, 2017.This reputed company extended their invitation to all the schools in Chennai and they encouraged schools to participate in “Build from Scrap” competition. Two teams from CPS TMZ enthusiastically participated in the competition and attended the Mini   Expo. Out of five schools, SBOA, PSBB, CHELLAMAL, CPS Annanagar and CPS TMZ consisted of nine teams which participated, our CPSTMZ bagged the second place for replicating a Creative and Innovative working model of an Excavator. All the participants were given participation certificates and the proud winners Shailesh Babu -XI A1, Sanjana.S – XI A1, Deepesh.D -XI A1, Rohini.S-XI A2 and Dharini shree – XI B were given special prizes. This was a great opportunity for the students to learn about manufacturing in a practical method.

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Poor nutrition can impair our daily health and wellbeing and reduce our ability to lead an enjoyable and active life. Most of the time we gulp whatever we get to eat , not paying much attention to the nutrient value present in it. This leads to a dangerous situation of nutritional disorders. Nutrition is essential for the growth and development, health and wellbeing of a human being . Eating a healthy diet contributes to preventing future illnesses and improving quality and length of life. So keeping this in mind, a science activity on the topic “Nutrilicious” was organized and orchestrated by the grade IV students. To inculcate the habit of consuming a good variety of healthy food, students were encouraged to present some very unique delicacies. The students prepared and displayed a variety of dishes prepared from simple ingredients used in the daily kitchen, keeping in mind the nutrient value of each dish. They were made aware of the importance of different nutrients present in the food and how the lack of these will lead to different health issues.

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