CPS TMZ – Participated in the Science Exhibition Contest on the topic ‘Ocean for Society’

Six Students of Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai participated in the Science Exhibition Contest on the topic ‘Ocean for Society’ on 5th October, 2017 at Periyar Science and Technology Centre.

Akshaya S.V. and Sanjeevini N of Class 9A presented a kaleidoscope of how Oceans were significantly used as Hydrogen generator, offshore wind power on the continental shelf to harvest wind energy to generate electricity and about Floating houses.

Rohan Ghoshal and Anish Hatua again of class 9th gave statistical evidence that oceans help in reducing carbon foot print through carbon cycle in Ocean.

Tharika Sai and Kiran T presented the topic on Inverted Pyramid of Biomass in Oceans waters and erect pyramid at terrestrial environment reflecting on the importance of the role of Phytoplankton and the strategies of preventing Ocean degradation by human activities.

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CPS TMZ – Field trip to DakshinaChitra

A Field trip to DakshinaChitra (museum about South Indian heritage and culture) was arranged for the students of Grade 5 on 06/10/2017 (Friday).

The students left the school by 09:00 am with all the enthusiasm to go to the field trip. When they reached the premises they were awestruck by looking at the models of the ancient houses, village set up and tools used for occupation. They also witnessed folk performance of South Indian, Puppet show, Bullock cart ride, Glass blowing demonstration. These took them back in time to relish, and to live the life of the Dravidians in the ancient time.

Volunteers from the Museum helped the students to understand the setup and the events as they were walking by.

The students participated by asking questions and sharing their knowledge about olden days.

It was totally a package of happiness and the day to remember to all the enthusiastic learners going to DakshinaChitra .

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