A “Recite with Rhythm” English Rhyme competition was conducted by Pre-primary wing on 10th Nov 2017 in Chennai Public school, Thirumazhisai.  

Tiny tots of Pre KG and Mont I enjoyed reciting action rhymes using various properties.

LKG and Mont – II , UKG and Mont – III students selected rhymes on the topics like Health and Hygiene, Manners, Festivals etc. The Preliminary round was conducted in the class room from where ten students from each class were selected for the Final Round.  Children participated enthusiastically in the competition and recited rhymes with full energy.

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“Travel trot “event was conducted by Pre-primary wing on 15th Nov 2017 in Chennai Public school, Thirumazhisai. Each class selected different countries around the world and explored their culture, heritage, music, food.


Tiny tots of Pre-primary dressed up in the traditional costumes of various countries. After a week of learning, the students gained knowledge about names of different countries recognize the flags and say “Hello” in various languages which enhanced their linguistic skills. Each class decorated their bulletin boards displaying the cultural heritage of the respective countries. Students walked around the school corridor saying the slogan “Explore. Dream. Discover”. 

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Food is a fun subject for students of all ages! It was a real fun filled and excitement loaded days for our Pre Primary during the “Food Stuff” event, where the kids were introduced to all healthy food item and activities based on food. Avoiding junk food was also a main lesson thaught during the event. Making yummy vegetable sandwiches & tasty fruit salads gave a thrilling experience for the kids, tasting them with their friends. “Biscuit House” was constructed using biscuits, milk, jam, nutella and many fruits was the highlight of the event. Talk show on healthy food was conducted and kids actively took part in the event.

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Children’s Day – “A day marking childhood”

It’s a day to celebrate children just for being themselves. It is a day to listen to children, to marvel at their uniqueness and all they have to offer. Most importantly, it is a reminder that children need love and respect to grow to their full potential. CPS students had a fun filled celebrations on 14th Nov 2017, where teachers gave a wonderful cultural event with music, dance and many more.The excitement and enjoyment of the children reached the roof and the flavor of their joy was felt everywhere around.

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