The Special Assembly was an exact representation of the above quote. The topic seemed apt and was truly imbibed by every student and perfectly executed by them. The programme was conducted recently. Many unique events based on the topic, such as Puppet Show, Dance, Music, Natiya Nadagam and Mime were performed with great co-ordination and expertise by the students. The events took place in the presence of three Eminent Special Guests. Ms. Sangeetha Makesh, a renowned psychologist , Mr.Sathish Manikandan and Ms.Rashma Shenoay , renowned Special Educators. They greatly appreciated the students for their vibrant and colourful display of talents. They also commended the school for conducting this unique event which gave an opportunity for every child to participate and exhibit their innate talents.
The parents were exhilarated and whole-heartedly applauded the efforts taken by the school in showcasing such a wonderful programme. The theme ‘Celebrating Differences’ went a long way in instilling the qualities of appreciating each other’s differences and nurturing brotherhood among the students.

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