The students of PP3 joined us back in the month of April after a short break. Students were given a red carpet welcome with a cute bouquet, specially made by their teachers. The session of 2018-19 started with the kids having lots of fun forgetting the scorching heat. “Calendar Connect” – an event based on the calendar was organized and children were taught about days, weeks and months.

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New Vistas. New Educational Pathways.

Students of High School from CPS Schools Group took part in the focused interacted with the U.S. University admission counselors to discover the most appropriate tertiary education pathways. They got to know more about the under grad admission procedures, scholarships and the pre requisites to broaden their options.

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Sally Ride EarthKAM sponsored by NASA at CPS.
Students of CPS Schools Group celebrated Astronomy Month with a unique scientific opportunity by participating in the space mission through the Sally Ride EarthKAM (Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle school students), an educational outreach project sponsored by NASA and executed in India by SPACE.
A Workshop was organised to find out the participants’ regions of interest, correlate it to maps and weather predictions, and submit their requests to International Space Station (ISS) for photography. Students requested images of their chosen location from a special digital camera mounted on the window of the ISS and clicked photographs like Astronauts. This enabled students to examine the Earth from the unique perspective of space.
They also studied geographical features, environmental problems, climatic sciences, meteorological changes, and others such as results of natural phenomena and disasters like – deforestation, glacier recession and coastline changes. Finally, they are highly fascinated and eagerly looking forward to receive the images specially clicked by ISS for them in a week’s time.

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