“Learn to Love Yourself and everything will fall in to place”. To make our children understand how important it is to love their selves, “Love Yourself” topic was chosen as the first commandment among the 10 commandments they will be learning along with the regular lessons this year. Each month a commandment is chosen based on the qualities a child should posses to become an ideal child. A pledge on “Love Yourself” was introduced and the children also enjoyed drawing all by themselves on the activity sheet. Kids were made to look in the mirror and say few complementing phrases about themselves. It was really a adorable sight to watch them feeling shy while admiring themselves on the mirror.

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In the time and age of ‘auto-correct’, ‘predictive text’ and ‘spell check’, the Spell- Bee competition titled “Spellabrity” for grade 4 and 5 students, conducted at CPS came as a whiff of fresh breeze. The Spell Bee Competition, aimed at creating awareness on the possibilities of using varied words in oral and written expression and also to add words to the active vocabulary of the students. In the preliminary round, the students were given exigent and interesting worksheets to test their versatility and skills in spellings and vocabulary. The final round was conducted on 22/6/18 which comprised of two rounds, ‘ Spell the letters to form the word’ and ‘Spell it out ‘. Students participated with great enthusiasm and dueled through the toughest words to prove their mettle. It was a wonderful learning experience, not only for the participants but also for their peers and served to enrich the vocabulary bank of the students.

CPS-ANNANAGAR-Embracing Yoga for Healthy Life.

“Yoga is the poetry of movements”
The fourth International Yoga Day at CPS was a mesmerizing and momentous event. The day witnessed a stunning performance comprising of graceful moves and postures by the students and teachers of CPS Anna Nagar.
The positive effects that yoga renders both to the mind and body was explicitly projected through pranayama and various asanas

CPS TMZ – International Yoga Day 2018

CPS, Embracing Yoga for Healthy Life.

Yoga plays a central role for wellness and peace of the mind and body. To emphasise this, students and teachers of CPS Group of Institutions performed stunning, meaningful moves and postures on the 4th International Yoga Day. As one of the unique displays, 54 students came together to form the beam of light of the rising sun and raise awareness among the CPSites about the benefits of practicing yoga in their life on regular basis.#internationalyogaday2018

CPS TMZ – My First Day at CPS.

Tiny Tots… My First Day at CPS.

Team CPS, Global Education Campus, Thirumazhisai welcomed the little learners with greetings and bundle of personalised take away to cherish their first day at school. The friendly ambiance made the tiny tots feel happy, comfortable and ready to be a part of the learning journey. Wishing everyone, a great year ahead!




The ability to identify colors is considered a marker and milestone in a child’s cognitive process. Recognizing the colors and identifying the color names is an important part of a child’s development. Early identification of colors helps to create the cognitive link between visual clues and words. At CPS Junior Academy the kids had different interesting setup each day and fun activities to learn about colours. They took home a “Keepsake” made by themselves as a memory of colours learning.

Glorious beginning! CPS ANNANAGAR welcomes the tiny tots.

First step in pursuit of excellence. The opening day for the pre primary kids at CPS Anna Nagar was abuzz with activity, greeting the little ones with grace and pomp. The anxious looks,wandering eyes and chirpy cries were turned to glee of excitement when they saw their favorite cartoon characters and colorful classrooms welcoming them at school.
CPS wishes “Happy schooling” to all!


Proud Moments!
Tanishq Arun of Class XII, Chennai Public School, Anna Nagar represented India and has won Bronze in the WORLD KICKBOXING DIAMOND CUP TOURNAMENT under 55 kg category. The tournament was held at Anapa, Russia between May 30 to June 4. Hearty Congratulations Tanishq for making the country proud.


All the teachers of Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai, enhanced their teaching skills through a variety of enrichment programmes.

The resource person Ms.Uma Maheswari conducted the workshop on Learning Difficulties among students, attributed the reasons for the difficulties as neurological differences. Ways to identify such students and strategies to help them were explained.  A class in Phonetics was introduced where the sound of each Alphabet was made familiar to the teachers.

A workshop by Ms.  Mukthar Tahsin Fathima, Vice Principal,  was conducted on Multiple Intelligence emphasizing  that every student is smart in one way or the other. A story telling session was included in this  session.

A workshop on ‘Know Your Students’ was conducted by  Ms Monica Melvin and Ms Nancy,  where the teachers  were introduced to the types of students they find in the classroom. Through different case studies, teachers arrived at solutions to tackle the problems.

Ms Padmavathi S, Vice Principal, conducted a session on ‘Difference of opinion and difference in opinion’. Based on a power point presentation, she explained the topic as well as how to manage conflicts in the workplace through animated illustrations. Peace comes not from absence of conflict but by coping with it- was the key idea conveyed.

The Language teachers attended a few more subject oriented programmes conducted by Ms. Dharshana. Resource people from MacMillan and Oxford Publications also whetted the skills of the teachers. Mr. C.P. Vishwanath, founder of the Karadi Path Publications, enlightened the teachers on comprehension preceding writing abilities during language acquisition.


We take the Pride in Sharing Amanda.P of Class IX-C secured the BRONZE Medal in the Long Jump event, in the CBSE Cluster VI -2017-18 held at St.John’s International Residential School Palanjur, Chennai.

Athletics- sahodahya- amanda indivitual champion