All the teachers of Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai, enhanced their teaching skills through a variety of enrichment programmes.

The resource person Ms.Uma Maheswari conducted the workshop on Learning Difficulties among students, attributed the reasons for the difficulties as neurological differences. Ways to identify such students and strategies to help them were explained.  A class in Phonetics was introduced where the sound of each Alphabet was made familiar to the teachers.

A workshop by Ms.  Mukthar Tahsin Fathima, Vice Principal,  was conducted on Multiple Intelligence emphasizing  that every student is smart in one way or the other. A story telling session was included in this  session.

A workshop on ‘Know Your Students’ was conducted by  Ms Monica Melvin and Ms Nancy,  where the teachers  were introduced to the types of students they find in the classroom. Through different case studies, teachers arrived at solutions to tackle the problems.

Ms Padmavathi S, Vice Principal, conducted a session on ‘Difference of opinion and difference in opinion’. Based on a power point presentation, she explained the topic as well as how to manage conflicts in the workplace through animated illustrations. Peace comes not from absence of conflict but by coping with it- was the key idea conveyed.

The Language teachers attended a few more subject oriented programmes conducted by Ms. Dharshana. Resource people from MacMillan and Oxford Publications also whetted the skills of the teachers. Mr. C.P. Vishwanath, founder of the Karadi Path Publications, enlightened the teachers on comprehension preceding writing abilities during language acquisition.


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