The Special Assembly for Grade IV “Life is Beautiful”, focused on creating a platform to encourage all the students to display and identify their innate talents and in the process imparted value based knowledge.The event was diligently organized and children participated enthusaistically delivering their part with style and grace. The variety of programes brought out the blatant fact that life is beautiful and it is in the hands of the beholder to choose a life of Joy, positivity, compassion, love or dwell in things that don’t see the innumerable opportunities that life offers. The Carnatic and the Western Choir brought out the essential truth that it is the little things in everyday life that makes each one happy. The choral speakers urged the audience to throw the Idiot Box, TV and replace it with knowledge giving source “Books” . Life is beautiful always, and beauty can be found nearly anywhere if we look with light in our eyes.This indispensible reality was tactfully brought out by the Tamil Debaters and Dancers too. To conclude the program, the students summarised with the profound thought and that it is pertinent to honour, the beauty inherent in all experiences and to prioritize the way we want the world to be and empathetically contribute to a loving world.

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