CPS- Global Leadership training in the NUS.

Harvard Model Congress Asia, the U.S. government simulation conference run entirely by the Harvard students took place in the National University of Singapore recently. CPS Schools Group was nominated to be a part of HMCA 2019 that provided the golden opportunity to know about government and international relations, navigate into the pressing global issues and offer a forum to discuss possible solutions. CPSites at HMCA articulated their views and engaged in the productive debate that is a vital part of leadership, government, and civic engagement.

The three-day conference was an exciting event of immense proportions in which more than 600 hundred students from around the world assumed the roles of American and international leaders to address significant global issues while learning how the US government and various international organizations operate. They participated in debates, delivered speeches, and converged to write bills with the aim of passing resolutions and legislation to solve these issues.

The event was complemented by an informative session during the opening ceremony about college life and the application process featuring students from both Harvard and NUS. Apart from attending HMCA, CPSites also visited the Night Safari as well as Universal Studios as a part of fun trip. To conclude, HMCA was an experience they will never forget.

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