CPS Thirumazhisai- Astronomy Day

Space Astronomy Club session had commenced on 19th November 2018 in Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai. Ten sessions had been conducted for both Krithika Club (class VI) and Rohini Club (classes VII-IX).

                    The Space Astronomy Day was observed  on 8th April 2019 in Chennai Public School,Thirumazhisai. The program organized by   Ms Manalee (Space crew member) and Ms P Poornimaa(CPS TMZ-Club in charge) was headed by the Principal Ms Chitrakala Ramachandran and Senior Vice Principal Ms Suchitra Santhosh. Students of classes VI-IX were enamoured by the special revelation through the different exhibits like DSLR camera, finding the cardinal directions, hydro rocket, pop rocket, training like an Astronaut, different techniques of sun observation etc. The session comprised indoor and outdoor activities and ended with a valedictory ceremony. Children had a wonderful experience. The club members displayed various activities to their fellow schoolmates which they learnt in their journey of becoming amateur astronomers.

Click here for more Images


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