CPS-ANNANAGAR-Drug demand reduction workshop

“There is no shame in beginning again, for you get a chance to build bigger and better than before”. To enable this perception, Chennai Public School invited Mrs. Shanti Krishnamuruthy, Director of Chinmaya Schools to address our students.

Drug Demand Reduction program acquaints the students about the fundamental meaning of Addiction and the ill effects of it on life. The substance abuse and its dependence can be both physical and psychological. The umpteen reasons for drug indulgence are for fun, peer pressure and curiosity. To gratify their need for money unfair and illegal practices are adopted which in turn enhances the crime rate of a country. These all have an appalling effect on the economy as the youth are the most affected.

The denouement of the workshop was three C’s – Courage, Conviction and Commitment. The youth of today play a role of paramount importance in the eradication of such a heinous and horrendous crime. In the end a pledge was taken by our CPSites to say “No to Drugs”.

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