CPSites @ the WIMUN Conference, CICG Geneva

Delegates of CPS began their conference days with a day out to Saint-Pierre Cathedral, one of the oldest and the largest archeological sites in the world. The next day they set out for a long walk on a breezy morning to the United Nations, and were guided on the UN tour which was very interesting and informative. The 5 minute walk to the CICG building for WIMUN training session felt like forever due to the numerous traffic rules that they were not adapted to. Day 3 mainly consisted of training and committee sessions. Global experience, the cultural exchange was the hit as 450 delegates visited every exhibit, returned with memories, enjoyed the tradition and culture of each country’s space. Our stall at the venue stole the hearts of many as the takeaways such as our Indian sweets and delicacies from North, South, East and West of India were mind blowing.

Conference days at WIMUN started with a brief role call and then proceeded to collaborate with the respective blocks. Line by line review of the resolution with a little time to spare was done. The views were reviewed and negotiated many, many paragraphs and finally the consensus was reached.

“All of us were proved wrong when we underestimated the amount of hardwork and dedication required to reach consensus” said Shreya Kannan, IG Y2.

WIMUN, Geneva 2019, taught the students the importance of raising one’s opinion while acknowledging the varied and contrasting views of others. It provided them with a platform to test their leadership skills as well as meet students of different nationalities and cultures in the hope of understanding, this vast planet that we call home, better.


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