CPS Thirumazhisai – Karate Wiz

Tanish J, a student of Grade IV in Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai, was awarded three trophies and a medal for his achievements in various Karate championships. He won the 1st   place in Kata and 2nd  place in Kumite –  Individual Champion for 8-10 years category in the Shobukai Cup Invitational Open Karate Championship 2019 organised on 19th and 20th October 2019, by Shobukai Shito Ryu Karate Federation of India.

He also secured the 1st place in Ind kumite and the 3rd place in Ind Kata boys colour belt 8-10 category in the 1st Tamilnadu State School Level Open Karate Championship held on 20 October 2019, at Anna Arangam, Kanchipuram by Bharat Sheto Kyw Karate Academy. Kudos Tanish!

Tanish IV

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