CPS-ANNANAGAR-“Wit and Humour”

Life was propelled into a magnificent and reverberating celebrations as Grade 4 celebrated its Special Assembly titled “Wit and Humour” at Chennai Public School Anna Nagar. The Special Assembly was filled with an amalgamation of many colourful events and the riveting performance of the students drew an unceasing applause from the audience. The air was filled with witty performances in the form of an English skit wherein the students brought out the essence of friendship in everyday life. The Carnatic and Western choir enthralled the spectators with toe tapping music and hilarious lyrics. The students who performed the “Villipattu” brought a tear in the eyes of everyone assembled as they brought out the success and failures of the technology and the irony of the untimely tragic death of Baby Surjith. The spectators were astonished to observe young children narrating the script based on ”Idiosyncrasies of Indians” through choral speaking with perfect articulation. The Yoga performance brought out the benefits of practising yoga in a funfilled manner. The next talent show was the Synchronised Swimming wherein the students appeared in various forms of swim gear. The stage was converted into a virtual swimming pool and the diving performance was amusingly delivered. Finally, the programme was wrapped up with the synchronised dance performance that highlighted the need to encourage theatre and artists who make a livelihood entertaining the audience through their humorous performance.

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