“Champions are not made in the ground, but moulded from something deep inside them- a desire, a dream and a vision”
The much awaited sports day of Chennai Public School was celebrated on 26/1/2020, with a lot of elation and enthusiasm. It was indeed a privilege for Chennai Public School to celebrate the sports day on this memorable day, when the entire country is celebrating the Nation’s 71st Republic Day-a day when India’s constitution came into force.
The Chief Guest of the day Mr.Umashankar Sushil, a former Ranji Trophy cricketer, in his short and crisp speech stressed on the importance of playing games and sports. He said that playing games would keep the children away from cell phones and computer games .Regular physical activity in the form of sports can help children in building self esteem and increase a feeling of physical and mental well-being.
The athletic events and the cultural show by the students won the appreciation and applause of the spectators. The Lively Zumba dance, fascinating display of yoga, acrobatic formation of pyramids and the excellent display martial arts won the heart and the soul of the onlookers .After the prize distribution and the felicitation of both the state and National players of Chennai Public School, the curtain came down marking the end of Sports Day 2020.

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