CPS Thirumazhisai – FRUITION ’20

Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai celebrated Fruition ’20 on 14th March, 2020. It was a collaboration of the Graduation Day of Pre-primary and Annual Day for Grade I & II. The blossoming buds dressed up in colorful attire to celebrate. The event started with a invocation song followed by a classical dance performed by Grade I & II. the “Shark Dance” by students of IPP-1, transported the spectators into the depths of the blue sea. The highlight was the Graduation Ceremony, where the students of Pre-Primary, smartly dresses in graduation robes and caps accepted their mementoes. The Principal along with the Chief Guest, Dr. P Subash Chandra Bose, a renowned pediatrician and Mr. Suman Babu, Director-IT, CPS Schools Group, felicitated the students with Certificates of Graduation. The graduation song was serenaded melodiously by the students of IPP-3. The theme “sustainability” was well orchestrated by Grade I & II through a musical drama, leaving behind a message for a better future. The genres of performance on theatre and puppets were vivid about their love for the art. “Not to forget!”, was the clown dance which tickled our funny bones. The celebration came to an end with a farewell song by IPP-2. Children were cheerful and excited throughout. Parents were happy to see their wards graduating while the grandparents were relishing the moment.

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