CPS-ANNANAGAR- “From the pen of a Wordsmith”

Lakshaya Priyaa Ravishankeran of Class XI, Chennai Public School, Anna Nagar speaks about her experience on publishing her first book “My pen name is “Septerra Inframagus”in Wattpad.“A reader lives a thousand lives before she dies”. “Have three goals in life. One to increase your creativity. One to keep your body fit, and one to provide you financially”.”When in the valley, keep your goal firmly in view and you will get the renewed energy to continue your climb”.These are the three quotes that I live by.”I write to increase my creativity, play badminton at a state level to keep my body fit, and cultivate my knowledge on the human body in the hope of one day becoming a prominent neurosurgeon just like my role model Dr. Gazi.Reading books and quotes has been one of my favourite hobbies for as long as I can remember. Everytime I needed an escape from the real world, I would run to books. I still do. Some of my favourite authors are Enid Blyton, JK Rowling, John Green and Rick Riordan. The ability of a writer to tell a story so captivating, always made me wonder if I could ever do the same. Writing was my way of expressing what I could not tell. Isn’t it queer to think that just when we are out of words, we take a pen and paper and words flow onto the sheets? I started growing a fondness for writing my own stories in sixth grade.In the same year, on one conventional night, I had a silly dream about a hidden universe that existed under water. I pondered over how interesting it would be to create a world under the seas which was unique and different from the worlds of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, and thus was born Septerra Inframagus, which in literal translation means seven lands of magic. I am grateful to my English teachers, Angeline Mam and Shiji Mam who were the first two people who identified my talent for writing and encouraged me to continue writing my story and complete it. I like to think I have a peculiar talent for daydreaming and wandering inside my head, imagining different scenarios and indulging in deep thought about random questions that intrigue the brain. One such thought was ‘what would happen if the gods grew tired of their immortality and gave it up?’. This single question had become the basis of my universe and led to the formation of the central plot.As I started writing, the rest of my book automatically fell into place. Even though I started this book back in sixth grade, my knack for losing my belongings and the fact that I did not have enough time because of my studies, to devise a proper plot, was a huge setback. However, this global pandemic solved that problem for me. Determined to finish writing this book once and for all, I wrote everyday, on an internationally well known platform for writers and readers called Wattpad. 
The main idea of publishing my book on Wattpad was to see if it was a worthy read. I published my book parts one by one, regularly. I did not move from my writing desk for weeks on end, and was focused on finishing the book by the end of June. At the beginning, my redership was confined to a small number of 50, but I continued writing nevertheless. Now, I am very happy to say that I have successfully finished writing the book and achieved my short term goal. 

My readership on Wattpad has increased to 1.4k reads within just three days of completing the book and my ranking on the platform shot as high as #97 out of 32k books. I am now looking for a literary agent so that I can publish my book as a hard cover in an acclaimed and renowned publishing industry. Septerra Inframagus: The Claim of The Invictus, is the first book in the fantasy series and the sequel will only come out during next year’s summer vacation.
The story revolves around a 15 year-old boy called Peter Hunter Anderson, a believer in facts and science who, during a summer vacation with his family faces an accident in which he loses a loved one. Unable to accept her death he goes as far as to say that magic is real and that his mother disappeared. The book follows his journey to finding his mother while he explores a hidden universe under the oceans of the real world and uncovers an identity that he never knew he had”.To read more her story and support her, click https://www.wattpad.com/story/184185662-septerra-inframagus

Click here:https://photos.app.goo.gl/FAhPY6qAhHMKz1cM7

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