CPS-ANNANAGAR- “Indian Midnight MUN 2020”

We are not only the youth of today, but a youth who aims to be the legends of tomorrow.

We are aware of the massive changes transpiring in the world. Give us a chance to redesign, reconstruct and remodel this wonderful planet.
The Indian Midnight MUN is a platform for such likeminded youths to discuss debate and diplomatically present their views and ideas. A disciplined youth is the hope of a nation.Shrish Madhan of Chennai Public School, Anna Nagar is a seasoned speaker and had attended several MUN and has won appreciations and accolades. In the Indian Midnight MUN Shrish represented Germany in the Human Rights Council and the agenda was “Deliberating WHO’s management of Covid-19 with special emphasis on migrants and refugees.”His resolution was passed and he won the Best Delegate Award.Chennai Public School is indeed proud of his achievement, and wishes him all the very best in his future endeavors

Click here https://photos.app.goo.gl/JDoBUiS5RYiYJdg89

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