“Art has its prominent role in education by helping children become like themselves instead of more likely everyone else”

Integrating the diverse forms of art into the mainstream of education has always demanded for more, CPS on the other hand; has been fervent in offering a double portion than the required.

The video stands amongst us, as an edifying witness to all the painstaking efforts the school has taken in imparting wholesome development. This illustration foregrounds the beams of divergent thinking and the ladder of creativity our students are let to climb. The students of Grade IV have hit the peaks of creativity in the modern form of art. Along with the array of colours the students have added an extra dimension to their piece of art. Creativity is fashioning perfect things out of “ordinary ones”, easily available food stuffs and insignificant throw- away (old battery, pen caps, scissors, bangles) have breathed life into these form of arts. The school takes immense joy in its students for cheerfully engaging themselves in such newness and or creating  unique masterpieces.

Please click here:https://tinyurl.com/y5bcnmjc

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