CPS ANNANAGAR-Pranav’s saga with sticks

“Only those who attempt the arduous can smile at their accomplishment.”

Silambam (Vel Kambu Veechu) a martial art from Tamil Nadu dates back to Sangam period. Using only a bamboo stick as a weapon, it was successfully used in the intrusion against the British army. 

National School Games Federation of India, a unit of CBSE Welfare Sports Organisation has always accelerated the progress of martial arts among the students. Thus the 64th National School Games was celebrated recently at Delhi to award the young sports stars who had ardently taken part in the events organised by the above mentioned organisation.

S. Pranav Kumar, student of Chennai Public School, Anna Nagar, a young Silambam enthusiast has won several awards and rewards to his credit. Using his famous sparring and drilling techniques he was able to vanquish his opponents in the National School Games and won the first prize in Vel Kambu Veechu that included a cash prize of 2lakhs rupees.

The school is immensely proud of S. Pranav Kumar and wish him all the very best in all his future endeavors.

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