Hula hooper of CPS enters Guinness Records.

“Perfection takes time and requires willpower and dedication. It is doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way”
In today’s fast moving world health care has gained a lot of prominence and appeal. Burning calories through workouts and fitness activities have become a trend even among youth.Hula Hoop a rocking and rhythmic fun activity is an incredible exercise to strengthen the core muscles and also an excellent way to lighten up your mood.Vivacious Vainavi Saravanan of Grade VII,Chennai Public School, Anna Nagar, an ardent Hula Hooper have created history by imprinting her name in the Guinness World Record. She has secured this envious position for the hula hoop rotations around the knee in heel stretched position.(186 rotation in a minute

Achieving excellence is not a destination; It is a continuous journey that never ends. Chennai Public School is indeed proud of you Vainavi and wish you the very best in all your future endeavors.

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