CPS Thirumazhisai- Kargil Divas 2021

Pre- Primary Department of Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai celebrated Kargil Diwas virtually on 26th July 2021. This helped students to understand the importance of this day.The teachers showcased the video of our brave soldiers who fought against the Pakistani army and emerged victorious. Everyone maintained two minutes of silence as homage to the martyrs. To make the event memorable, students were asked to do the cotton and dal pasting craft activity.Everyone was very passionate during this event. The children enjoyed the activity and understood the sacrifice of our brave soldiers.

Click here for the photos, https://photos.app.goo.gl/W76eHh2yQcX5a3BC6

CPS Thirumazhisai- Germination of seeds

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.

CPS always emphasizes that nature and its resources are the building blocks of our civilization. As a part of experiential learning the germination of seeds activity was done by the students of class IV in an innovative way. It gave them an opportunity to witness the growth of seeds into plants. Their happiness was at its peak when they saw a little plant coming out .The event was a reminder to the students of their duties towards mother Earth emphasizing the need to protect the earth and promote afforestation. It instilled the thought that “The seeds we plant today will become fruit bearing tree tomorrow”.

CPS Thirumazhisai – Special Assembly II A

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” – John Dewy

      Having said that, the students of Grade II A of Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai have impeccably completed their class assembly. This is definitely worth an acclamation.

The assembly started off with a Prayer song followed by Thought of the Month, News & Weather Report, Hindi-Tamil Rhymes, Word of the Day, Homographs, Magic Show, Riddles and many more events like Experiment, Skit & Birthday Blast which were the high-lights of the occasion.

Every child was given an opportunity to showcase his or her talents. Heartfelt thanks to the parents and the school management for extending their support to make the assembly a stupendous one.

I am a Youngest NFT artist

This is Laya from Class 9B. I was looking forward to sharing some recent activities that I have been participating outside academics. 

I have been actively working on making 3D animation since January. I was curious to explore the region of cryptocurrencies and decentralisation as they have been growing rapidly. That’s when I found out about Non Fungible tokens or NFTs. Collectors purchase digital art for cryptocurrencies such as Etherum, Wazir, Bitcoin, etc. NFTs are the new rage among artists and buyers of exclusive, bespoke art pieces. Collectors are given a certificate that the work is original and when they resell the art, the original artist gets a royalty as well. 

I have been a NFT artist since February and sold 4 pieces of my work for about Rs. 1.6 Lakhs. I am excited to let you know that I have also been invited into more exclusive and premium platforms and am looking forward to the future. Since I am 13 years old, I would also be the youngest NFT artist in India.

In addition, a short film I had made last year thanking the COVID workers had been selected for the Busan International Youth and Kids Film Festival in Korea. The film was streamed in the film festival. I also minted the movie as a NFT and it was sold in less than an hour for about Rs. 40,000. A short media coverage of my work was posted in the urban asian newspaper. A few more articles about my work are to be published in the Live Mint, Indian Express, Urban Asian and Outlook.

The Urban Asian new article: 


Links to my other works and social media (I post work related content) : www.linktr.ee/layamathikshara 

CPS Thirumazhisai- Chocolate Day


Chocolate is loved by all across the world. It not only acts as a good stress buster and a mood lifter but also good for health. The need to educate kids on the health benefits and joy of indulging in chocolates, The preprimary department and Grade 1 & 2 of Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai, virtually celebrated ‘Choc n Chuckle’ on 7th July, 2021. 

Students were asked to bring their favorite chocolate and had a great time relishing them. With events like games, story, integrated activities, the melted chocolate tray – tracing the letters etc, students were elated throughout. With the guidance of a teacher, ‘Make and Eat’ activity where bread slices, chocolate syrup, fruits was devoured in no time. Hands on activity were conducted where students were asked to make their favorite chocolate ice cream using origami sheets.

Teachers made the students engage in different activities. The famous chocolate novel of Roland’s Dahl, the movie “CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY” by (Tim Burton 2005) was telecast to enjoy the beautiful visuals to understand life lessons, how to follow directions, how to be kind, and above all the endless canvas of human imagination. This colorful movie tour made their day.

The joy of celebrating ‘Chocolate Day’ was seen on the gleaming faces of tiny tots.

Click here for the images https://photos.app.goo.gl/8ak8VqXWBpUF9dWa6

CPS Thirumazhisai – French National Day 2021

The French Department, Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai celebrated Bastille Day i.e. “LA FÊTE NATIONALE” on 14 July, 2021. Various competitions on tricolour balloon bouquet, bingo, logo creation, track the mime, funny tongue twisters, and animation episode merging Tintin & Asterix were conducted to mark the day.

The tiny tots of pre primary wing kicked off the celebration with a welcome speech in French which is followed by French rhymes – days of the week’ & Eiffel Tower craft activity. Their interaction with the teacher in French was phenomenal!

A capsule of thematic French cultural extravaganza, designed, scripted, voiced, technically supported & performed by students of middle school & secondary department was mind blowing. The lively audience with colourful & thematic virtual backgrounds that crossed 100, comprised of the Supervisory Heads, Heads of the Dept., Teaching Faculty, students of French Language Class enjoyed being a part of the virtual celebration.

Click here for the images https://photos.app.goo.gl/iTCsmoYyPtuzPiTf6

CPS-ANNANAGAR-Virtual Chronicles

We at CPS take immense pleasure in announcing the launch of  “The Virtual Magazine” , a monthly magazine which will showcase a blend of different hands-on activities conducted on a plethora of subjects.  Each activity has been hand-picked, analysed and conducted to give the students a rich experience of being active participants than being passive observers. This will be a platform for the students to unleash their powerful creative minds , encourage inquisitiveness and promote independent learning. The support of our dear parents in sending colourful ,apt photographs of the students performing the activities is immensely appreciated and we continue to look forward to this collaborative effort to provide an enriching experience for our learners.

To know more visit: https://cps.myclassboard.com/

CPS Thirumazhisai- Vegetable Carving

Without the wheel most of the world’s work would stop. Wheels were fitted to carts, which made moving objects around much easier.

The students of class III of Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai, amazingly carved wheels in vegetables. It heightened the collaborative learning and this activity furnished them a great opportunity to explore their inventive minds and accomplish it. The students exhibited their creativity and attained information on wheel invention. The students enjoyed themselves as it was a fun-filled activity . Parents were supportive and assisted their children in this activity.