CPS-ANNANAGAR-SANATH selected for Purdue University GERI

I learnt about the Gifted Education Research & Resource Institute by Purdue University, I was fascinated by the Brainiacs course, as I have always dreamt of serving humanity through innovations in the medical industry.

I had gotten into this course by writing an essay explaining my prior knowledge about neuroscience,like dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters.

I was mentored by Neuro-biology & Psychology PhD scholar Miss Jessica Bowen

I am excited to have learnt the graduate level neuroscience concepts–

·         The different parts of the  brain and spinal cord, types of the nervous responses, and other functions such as action potentials.

·         Different types of Brain scans and how they work,

·         Neuro-related birth defects,

·         Visual pathway(Eye to primary Visual cortex), visual field cuts(Different types of blindness) .

·         Neurotransmitters, what are they and how they are usually abused by drugs