“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for Existing” – Albert Einstein

Kids are more tech-savvy today than ever before, but all that screen time may mean less time spent interacting with physical objects, creating, designing, and developing important coordination skills, we at CPS have taken every possible step to tap the potential of our energetic students and channelize their creativity into building something new. Students across classes 1 to 5 flocked together virtually to exhibit their unique talents through the various experiments conducted. Class I students demonstrated “Hands on Experiments “, exhibiting their scientific disposition and critical thinking. Class II students participated in “Quizzards” that gave an opportunity to excel beyond academics and innovative learning. Class III students exhibited a rich Indian Cultural Heritage by presenting a colorful display of food, costume, art forms, language and festivals signifying “An Incredible India”. Class IV students threw light on how various human activities impact the flora and fauna through speech and collage that revealed their zest to protect our Earth. Class V students took part in the Role Play “Safety and First Aid “ that exhibited their cognitive strategy and problem solving skills at the time of exigency.