“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” – François de la rochefoucauld

The importance of fruits and vegetables, which contain essential nutrients for a healthy life, was inculcated in the minds of our little ones of Pre Primary this week through an event, “FARM TO TABLE”. Children were introduced to the different fruits and vegetables in terms of their name, color, shape, size, gloss and their nutritional quality.

After learning about the significance of the fruits and vegetables, children were taught to prepare a Chef’s hat using their tiny fine motors. They wore their handmade Chef’s hat and got themselves ready as Little Chefs to make a bowl of fruit salad.

During the Vegetable hunting activity, kids zealously rushed into their kitchens and collected all the vegetables from the fridge and happily showed them to their peer group relating to its name, shape and color. Children also did vegetable printing activity using pieces of lady’s finger dipped in poster colors.  A child’s food preferences would determine his future dietary habits and these activities have ensured that the children develop a liking for eating fruits and vegetables and inculcating in them healthy eating habits.

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