CPs Thirumazhisai- Literary Melange 2021

‘Literary Melange-2021’, of the English department, was conducted recently. Living up to the name, competitions testing the skills of language coupled with artistic and creative ingredients, provided a colourful collage of events. Everything from the invite to the editing was deftly done by the students to create a rich tapestry, intrinsically woven by a string of talents, that was viewed online by nearly 200 viewers. The vivid costumes and art work were the real show stoppers, thrilling the audience to bits!

The events were as follows:

Class    I: Camouflage

Class   II: ‘Oh, Can You Say?’

 Class III: Poem Parade (Theme: Seasons)

 Class IV: Tweet Sheets

Class V: Silhouettes

Class VI: Razzmatazzing

Class VII: Raconteur Meanders

Class VIII: Dramatis Personae

Class IX: Character posters

Class XI: Whacky Resume

Class XII: Pot Pourri

These events helped in encouraging art integrated learning and innovative learning approaches.

Kudos to the winners!

Please find the video @ https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fDPW9NA231NopxImn1CcJG_TKGKmT0LQ?usp=sharing

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