CPS-ANNANAGAR-“English at its Best.

To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.

The usage of the English language has become significant in our everyday lives.  With adequate support from the language Department, we at CPS aim at conducting interesting and creative competitions in order to promote the essential skills required for mastering the language. The objective is to boost the student’s confidence and to provide a medium for students to practice English publicly. Class 1 students were asked to dress up and use props to “Spin a Story” of their choice.  The enthusiasm and colourful display of props as the students narrated the story exhibited their fluency in the language. “Fine Readers” was the topic given to class II.  As the students read the passages, they were judged on pronunciation, expression and comprehension skills. Class III and IV had to collect their thoughts, become creative and express themselves with clarity on any given topic within a minute. The round was challenging and the children rose to the occasion narrating interesting and humorous anecdotes.‘Masterminds’ was the topic given to class V. The students had to face two rounds as a team.They were tested on their vocabulary skills and also had to frame a story with the help of key words within the stipulated time. The language skills and the spontaneity demonstrated by the students were impressive and remarkable.