Mathematics is a methodical application of matter that organizes and prevents chaos in our lives. Its beauty and power have been radiated with our aspiring students through a plethora of fun-filled exuberant activities designed to extend challenge beyond the classroom while nurturing mathematical promise and developing a taste for mathematics. Proctored on a virtual platform, students from classes 1 to 5 of Chennai Public School were invited to participate in the contest pertinent for their grade level. “Fun with Shapes,” an art-integrated theme, enthralled the artistic abilities of the Class 1 students. The kids went gaga in displaying their models and were full of joy and celebration. A solid foundation in multiplication tables will pave the way for deeper learning in mathematics, which should begin straight away from Class 2, who themed their contest ‘Buddy Tables’, a unique competition exclusively chiseled to evoke the essence of multiplication tables among our kids. Class 3 students were given the title ‘Model Making’, the captivating display of colorful models by the kids took everyone by storm. The students amazed all with their calibrated skills and their display gave the sense of how well the kids can transform their theoretical learning into practice. Class 4 students stole the event with their vivid gorgeous poster on the topic ‘Mathematics in everyday life’. The stunning picturesque created by the kids was a visual feast for the eyes. The young filmmakers of Class 5 had created their own videos on their favourite mathematical topic under the caption ‘Visual making’. The presentation style, content, and video making ability using the advancement in technology truly gives us a glimpse of how technophiles our children are. To sum up, the competitions were well-stocked with joy, fun and knowledge. The multifaceted impact of holding these mathematics competitions ranges from the preservation and maintenance of mathematical heritage to nurturing students’ interest in mathematics through these fun fall activities.

Click here:https://tinyurl.com/knwrzzep

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