Knowledge of language is a road map to success; with language you can reach a person’s soul.

CPS primary wing 2021-22 had arranged a competition “UBHARTE SITARE to develop command over Hindi language for children of Grades 1 to 5.

Different topics were given at different grade levels and there was a profound response from the children. The children were very confident, meticulous with their speech.Children showed lucidity in their topics. Grade 1 children were given the topic ‘Chere par chera’. As part of this activity children created face masks of their favorite animals and explained what they liked about their favorite animals in their own words. 

Grade 2 children were given the topic “Mera Pyara Pariwar” to understand the value of family.As part of this activity children described the role which each of the family members play and how each of the family members contribute towards overall family development. 

Grade 3 students made beautiful paintings on the topic “Hara Bhara Upvan” with the help of different vegetables and explained the health benefits of each of the vegetables. As part of the paintings children portrayed their creativity and imagination and came up with ideas on how to preserve Mother Nature. 

Grade 4 children were asked to discuss the topic “Mere preeya Ritu”. They prepared charts to pictorially support their speech and represent their ideas. Children explained the benefits of each season and the natural changes which happen during those seasons. They also explained the fruits and vegetables which grow during the particular seasons and they explained what they particularly liked during their favorite seasons

Grade 5 children were asked to speak on the topic “Meri priya Vasthu”. Children spoke about many things like their pets, their hobbies, their places of interest etc.They described in detail what they found to be of particular interest which gave a glimpse about their areas of interest as well . 

The competition paved the way in strengthening the Hindi language skills of the students and developing further interest in the language.

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