Career Connect ’22

It’s the right time for the high schoolers at CPS to explore their tertiary education dreams.

In the world of emerging careers, to gain more clarity on the road map ahead, CPS organises Career Connect sessions to assist students to interact directly with the international admission counsellors. 15 universities congregated at CPS schools to talk about new avenues of study. Here’s a quick glance of what happened!!!

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CPS Thirumazhisai – The Green Team

“Go green and make our Earth a beautiful place to live”   – Gaylord Nelson

The Primary department of Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai organized The Green Team to celebrate Earth Day on 25th April 2022 in our school premises. On the occasion of the Earth Day, an array of creative activities was organized with a view to sensitize the children about the conservation of natural resources and motivate them to do their best. With an aim to spread awareness among the young minds, the tiny tots took a green walk to the school garden. Other activities like “Poster Making” gave the students a platform to showcase their artistic and creative skills. It is a great day to showcase environmental education video which highlights efforts to green the school and engage the student community in making the difference. On this thought provoking day little munchkins were asked to thank Mother Earth for all its bountiful gifts in the form of all flora, fauna and beautiful landscapes. The day was marked not only by awareness but also enthusiasm on the part of the students. It was a great day.              


CPS Thirumazhisai – Down to earth

The pre-primary wing of CPS, Thirumazhisai celebrated World Earth Day on 22 April to spread awareness about conserving our mother earth. A myriad of educational and action-oriented activities was organised for the tiny tots on this theme like a rally around the school with placards followed by watering the plants on our school premises. The event continued with dance & puppet shows using finger puppets. They themselves were involved in making a takeaway to cherish for the day.

CPS Rocks at World Scholars Cup

WSC, an international team academic program is the long-awaited event that every talented student would love to participate in. It is a venue where the prowess of an individual is tested on teamwork, research, writing, and debating skills. Regional Level WSC was held recently in Chennai with a lot of fun and fanfare. Exciting Scholars Bowl, thrilling Scholars’ Challenge, energizing Debates and engrossing Collaborative writing kept them from thirty different schools on their toes. Though challenging, more than 30 students from Chennai Public School triumphed by acquiring 57 silver medals,37 gold medals, and three trophies. Hearty Congratulations students! We are so so proud of you!