CPS Thirumazhisai – Alumni spreading wings across the Globe



“Each and every animal on the Earth has as much right to be here as you and me”.

The Primary Department of Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai conducted Jeopardize Genus – a Fancy dress competition with the theme Sustainable Development Goals of Life on Land for Grade I& II. Chennai Public School always emphasizes that nature and its resources are the building blocks of our civilization. The purpose of conducting the competition was not only to blend learning with fun but also to develop confidence in the students by giving them an opportunity to get on the stage and speak in front of the audience. Children came dressed up in their colorful costumes and spoke about the endangered animals they depicted. Our children amused us with their creativity, speech, memory and boundless imagination shown in their dress and narration. The effort and hard work of the children and the parents were highly commendable. As every competition has winners, it was very arduous for our judges to choose the winners. Yet, they meticulously judged the competition based on the confidence, message delivered and the creative way of dressing up. Through their innocence, enthusiasm and colorful imagination, our tiny tots turned the event into a roaring success.

CPS-ANNANAGAR- “International Yoga Day “

Simplicity and serenity were the keynote of the 8th International Yoga Day at Chennai Public School, Anna Nagar. The Surya Namaskara by 95 students with the accompaniment of Surya Mandala Stotra was a sight that none can forget in the near future.

The most impressive part of the program was the bonding the students portrayed between Ayurveda and Yoga. They ardently spoke about the importance of Ayurveda in the present-day world. They also exhibited the remedies from the “Grandmother’s Kitchen.”.

This memorable event ended with the Mangalam dedicated to the well-being of humanity.

The Chief Guest of the day Dr. Purnima Seshadri spoke on the importance of yoga for well-being and happiness. In this fast-moving world only yoga can bring about a steadying effect on the human mind, she added.

Please click the link: https://fb.watch/dNv7vTApho/

CPS – Vote for Krishaang, Super Singer Finalist.

Vote for Krishaang, Super Singer Finalist.

“When Music enters the soul, it washes away the dust of life and lingers in your spirit forever”.

The magical spell cast by our Whizz – Kid KRISHAANG through the Airtel Super Singer Junior Contest has tranquillized many fans across the globe. A voice that has touched and soothed the hearts of many.

A toddler with a twinkle in his eyes, a sharp inquiring mind and politeness beyond measure, Krishaang has captured the hearts of teachers and peers throughout his 9 years of Schooling in CPS Global School, Anna Nagar. A true prodigy in Academics and Music, his secret ingredients to ace every challenge has been sincere efforts with a big dollop of willingness to learn.

We the CPS Family give Krishaang our love and support in winning the contest. Vote for our little Mozart and support him in his journey!

· You can cast your vote by Logging in to your Disney + Hotstar account

· Search for Super Singer Junior 8 page

· Click on “vote now “and you can see Krishaang’s picture there

· Click on Krishaang’s picture to cast your vote

· Each person can give a maximum of 10 votes per day

· Voting lines closes on 26th June at 8 pm..

CPS Thirumazhisai – World Environment Day 2022

“I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do” – Jana Stanfield.

Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai celebrated the World Environment Day recently on the universal theme for this year “Only One Earth”.

Students of Class 3 to 5 went with the mantra, ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’. Creatively they reused and recycled old newspapers and turned them into beautiful bookmarks and took a little pledge to save and nurture our environment.

‘Investment in agriculture are the best weapons against hunger and poverty, and they have made life better for billions of people’. Class 6 students, ‘Adopted a piece of Garden’ in school. With the help of the Gardener and Teachers they sowed the seeds and took an oath in learning the basics on agriculture and save the environment.

‘The longest journey begins with a single step’. Class7 students initiated a ‘Walkathon’ for a 2 km distance from school wherein on the way they gifted the seed balls made by them to the public and explained the importance of growing trees. Students carried all 17 SDG Goals placards and created awareness with a louder slogans stating ‘Only one earth! Save earth!.

Students of Class 8 formed a human chain to represent the earth model with an understanding that ‘When people come together we make a change. The human chain as saving earth model was picturized from aerial view. It reminds us to be mindful of our actions and be better citizens of the world. We are committed to be the change that we want to see around us.


CPS-ANNANAGAR-“School Life is the Most Important Part of Life and A Treasure of Memories…”

Today the campus of Chennai Public School, Pre primary wing was filled with loads of laughter, joy, fun and excitement because it was the” FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL” for the children of PP2. The tiny tots put their best foot forward today at school to see the magic that never stops and the adventure that never ends. 

They were received by the Principal and teachers with a beautiful handmade welcome cards. The parents accompanied them to Photo booths with a variety of  vibrant frames where they took their first and the most memorable snap at school.

 The way towards their Classrooms were adorned with beautiful buntings and balloons. Kids were embraced with a cute little crowns by their Class advisors which added to their charmness, followed by fulfilled exuberant crafty activities at the Activity Corner and some play time at indoor play area. On the whole the kids had their best time at the best place for learning and exploring towards their best future.

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