Colours are the Smiles of Nature, says Leigh Hunt. It means that colours are the beauty we see,  the natural thing that makes the world awesome…

This week the little champs of CPS, Anna Nagar Pre Primary wing were taken to that awesome world of beautiful colours through the event named SPECTRUM. The Kids Activity Room was made Kaleidoscopic with swirls of vibrant colours and  filled with toys, real fruits and vegetables and illustrations of the colours introduced each day. PP2 kids and PP3 kids enjoyed doing many interesting activities like colouring, fingerprinting, bud printing and so on to explore both secondary and tertiary colours. Finally each one of them proudly carried their own first hand made take away depicting the event SPECTRUM.

On the whole, the event was a success helping kids in recognizing the colours and identifying the colour names which helps to create the cognitive link between visual clues and words also developing their visual perception.


CPS Thirumazhisai -Hydroponics Planter Inaugurated

“Keep planting new seeds until your mind becomes the earth that gives birth to a new world”.

Humans are now up against a myriad of new demanding issues that are leading to the dramatic change in our global lifestyles: climate change, hazardous infectious diseases, increasing urbanization, and the depletion of natural resource deposits. Hydroponic farming has strong potential to mitigate the threats these issues pose to our agricultural system. Growing crops in near-optimal conditions using controlled temperature is one of the biggest benefits of hydroponic farming. We at CPS inaugurated Hydroponics recently at the Thirumazhisai campus. This versatile tool peaks the interest of students – encourages involvement, and amplifies the teaching of not only a wide variety of science learning topics but also real-world skills.