CPS Thirumazhisai – Our WSC Scholars qualify for Yale

WSC journey began in April, the regional round being conducted at APL Global School. The events held were informative and entertaining and our teams qualified the round successfully. Preparation for the global round began immediately, and the teams attended the first global round after the pandemic, held in Dubai, Sheik Rashid Auditorium, Oud Metha. After attending the events for a week, the teams returned qualifying for the Tournament of Champions to be held at Yale University. 

Congratulations Team for your wonderful gesture!.


CPS Thirumazhisai – Bagless Day

“Learning can happen anywhere not just in the classroom” – Dale Carnegie

As recommended by NEP 2020, Chennai Public School Thirumazhisai celebrated the Bagless day as per the saying “The best way of learning about anything is by doing” which was integrated with subject & skills. The day began with a focus on important aspects of Physical Education.

Mathematics for young learners of Lower Primary department was taught in a fun way, using a familiar context- Snake & Ladder game. An array of creative activities was organized with a view to sensitize the children on Life Skills based picture puzzles to develop comprehension and verbal expression skills in English. The tiny tots were shown good manners and classroom etiquette videos to engage the student community in making the difference in the society. While the upper primary students were engaged in making nest with Coconut shell, mentioning their family members which developed their emotional skills.

To engross the fine motor skills of the middle school students of class VI, they were given an opportunity to make wall hangings with 3 magical words which has become very vital in recent days, students were overjoyed in making friendship bands and exchanging the same.

Students of Class VII were taught with the wreathing of flowers using colour papers, making butterflies with origami & pillow making without needles, happy for a life skill learnt which is very much important today and forever.

Collaborating the art & craft with social studies, Class VIII students made useful products from waste products which can satisfy a human need. Students also actively participated in Paper Filigree- implying shapes into their life, they created earrings, necklace, anklet, bracelet and relating with it with their topics. 

The day was marked as joyful as well as informative. On the whole, it was a fruitful day.

CPS Thirumazhisai – International Yoga Day

The 21st of June, being the ‘ International Day of Yoga’, Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai dawned with a brief introduction to yogic practice and its benefits followed by a few ‘Yogasanas’ by the students across the grades. As to throw light on the fact of yoga’s incorporation of meditation and breathing improve a person’s mental well-being, our tiny tots as well as the students of grades 1 to 12 started Mass Yoga display with breathing practices.  Around 1900 students participated, showcasing their pliability in performing asanas like Virabhadrasanam, Pranamasanam, Adhi mukha svanasanam, Balasanam and Dhyanam. It was surely a spectacular event, with stunning postures. The yoga day celebration by the students as well as the staff of CPS, was indubitably a grand success.