The #preprimary tiny tots of #ChennaiPublicSchool, Anna Nagar had a cyclopedic learning on the importance of #family through an event “MY ROOTS”. Kiddos identified the types of family each live in, their members and the bonding they share, through stories, rhymes and Chit-chats. As roots hold a tree, love holds a family. Kids created a #memorabilia using vegetable painting, buttons pasting and drawing to portray their family. This furthered the children’s understanding on the significance of ‘Family’, an ever-lasting relationship between members agglutinated with love.


CPS-ANNANAGAR- Kaaviya is ready to represent India in the #IESO

Kaaviya Uthirapandian, of Class XII A, #ChennaiPublicSchool#AnnaNagar is selected to represent India in the 15th International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO) 2022 to be held in Italy.

Earth Science is a multidisciplinary subject that consists of geology, meteorology, astronomy, and oceanography covering every aspect of Earth from icy glaciers to fiery stars.

Her interest in Earth Science started at the age of 5 and now she can identify rocks and minerals by just looking at them. After a couple of weeks of training from #IESO 2022, Kaaviya is finally qualified to represent our Nation.

Let’s wish her good success in all her endeavours.