CPS-ANNANAGAR-“Patriotic Footprints”

On the occasion of completing 75 years of India’s Independence, ‘PATRIOTIC FOOTPRINTS’ was conducted for our little champs of #ChennaiPublicSchool, Anna Nagar to let them know the struggle and hardships faced by our great freedom fighters. Children made Independence Day badges as their Memorabilia and crafted a “Palm Pataka”- a Tricolour hand printed Indian Flag using their tiny hands painted with colours, and vegetable printing for the Ashoka Chakra. The event paved the way for instilling values of patriotism in the young minds to ensure that the children love and respect their motherland.

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Class 5 students of #ChennaiPublicSchool, Anna Nagar, staged an enthralling array of performances on a novel theme ‘Titanic’- Adversity, is the best teacher of life though none wish for them to be one. Power packed execution of events by the students in a gigantic and spectacular way well fitted the theme.

The magnificent projection of skit, mime, yoga, and dance was not only an entertainment but also thought provoking for the audience.

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