“Simple molecules combine to make powerful chemicals.

Simple cells combine to make powerful life forms.

Simple electronics combine to make powerful computers.” – Scott Adams

Computers, the biggest technological brainchild of man, have become the basic need for education in our fast moving and competent society. Keeping this in view the computer Science Department recently organised “BIT-BOT-2021” for students from 6th to 10th standards to reveal their talent and prowess in computers. Artistic creativity displayed by the 6th graders on web page designing, engrossing and enjoyable mini games by the 7th graders, astounding and remarkable exhibits of origami by Algorithm concepts by the 8th graders, stunning and colourful visuals of graphic designs by the 9th graders and the exceptional 3D modeling by the proficient and talented 10th not only reflected their knowledge and flair for computers but also their eagerness to excel.
“Children are not things to be moulded but people to be unfolded” -Jess Lair

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CPS ANNANAGAR-“Gifted Mathematicians”

The only way to learn Mathematics is to do Mathematics. Sandra Immanuel  & Sherwin Immanuel of Class 4 , Chennai Public School have proved this right. They have set a record in the Elite World Records by successfully solving Maximum Single Digit Mental Arithmetic Addition Problems (3 Rows) by an individual (female) in the clock time 3 Minutes. It was organised by Indian Records Academy in Chennai.  CPS takes pride in congratulating Sandra & Sherwin for  their achievement and wishes them more accolades in the future.


Mathematics is a methodical application of matter that organizes and prevents chaos in our lives. Its beauty and power have been radiated with our aspiring students through a plethora of fun-filled exuberant activities designed to extend challenge beyond the classroom while nurturing mathematical promise and developing a taste for mathematics. Proctored on a virtual platform, students from classes 1 to 5 of Chennai Public School were invited to participate in the contest pertinent for their grade level. “Fun with Shapes,” an art-integrated theme, enthralled the artistic abilities of the Class 1 students. The kids went gaga in displaying their models and were full of joy and celebration. A solid foundation in multiplication tables will pave the way for deeper learning in mathematics, which should begin straight away from Class 2, who themed their contest ‘Buddy Tables’, a unique competition exclusively chiseled to evoke the essence of multiplication tables among our kids. Class 3 students were given the title ‘Model Making’, the captivating display of colorful models by the kids took everyone by storm. The students amazed all with their calibrated skills and their display gave the sense of how well the kids can transform their theoretical learning into practice. Class 4 students stole the event with their vivid gorgeous poster on the topic ‘Mathematics in everyday life’. The stunning picturesque created by the kids was a visual feast for the eyes. The young filmmakers of Class 5 had created their own videos on their favourite mathematical topic under the caption ‘Visual making’. The presentation style, content, and video making ability using the advancement in technology truly gives us a glimpse of how technophiles our children are. To sum up, the competitions were well-stocked with joy, fun and knowledge. The multifaceted impact of holding these mathematics competitions ranges from the preservation and maintenance of mathematical heritage to nurturing students’ interest in mathematics through these fun fall activities.

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CPS-ANNANAGAR-“English at its Best.

To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.

The usage of the English language has become significant in our everyday lives.  With adequate support from the language Department, we at CPS aim at conducting interesting and creative competitions in order to promote the essential skills required for mastering the language. The objective is to boost the student’s confidence and to provide a medium for students to practice English publicly. Class 1 students were asked to dress up and use props to “Spin a Story” of their choice.  The enthusiasm and colourful display of props as the students narrated the story exhibited their fluency in the language. “Fine Readers” was the topic given to class II.  As the students read the passages, they were judged on pronunciation, expression and comprehension skills. Class III and IV had to collect their thoughts, become creative and express themselves with clarity on any given topic within a minute. The round was challenging and the children rose to the occasion narrating interesting and humorous anecdotes.‘Masterminds’ was the topic given to class V. The students had to face two rounds as a team.They were tested on their vocabulary skills and also had to frame a story with the help of key words within the stipulated time. The language skills and the spontaneity demonstrated by the students were impressive and remarkable.

CPS Thirumazhisai- Ganesh Chathurthi

Festivals build cohesiveness and help inform, educate, develop bonds and break the monotony of the regular routine hence, Sarvajanik Ganesh Utsav was celebrated virtually by the pre-primary department of Chennai Public School , Thirumazhisai on 9th September 2021.

Various activities were organized on this auspicious occasion. The purpose of this celebration was to make students connect with Indian culture and help them to understand the significance of the festival.

The celebration began with a prayer to Lord Ganesha, followed by the celebratory chanting. Beautiful clay idols of Ganesha were prepared by students. The decorative umbrellas were testimony to the children’s creativity. Great care was taken to employ eco-friendly resources.

Parents, students and teachers celebrated the event with enthusiasm. Everyone in the audience prayed that the festival would remove sorrows and difficulties from people’s lives and usher in happiness.

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CPs Thirumazhisai- Literary Melange 2021

‘Literary Melange-2021’, of the English department, was conducted recently. Living up to the name, competitions testing the skills of language coupled with artistic and creative ingredients, provided a colourful collage of events. Everything from the invite to the editing was deftly done by the students to create a rich tapestry, intrinsically woven by a string of talents, that was viewed online by nearly 200 viewers. The vivid costumes and art work were the real show stoppers, thrilling the audience to bits!

The events were as follows:

Class    I: Camouflage

Class   II: ‘Oh, Can You Say?’

 Class III: Poem Parade (Theme: Seasons)

 Class IV: Tweet Sheets

Class V: Silhouettes

Class VI: Razzmatazzing

Class VII: Raconteur Meanders

Class VIII: Dramatis Personae

Class IX: Character posters

Class XI: Whacky Resume

Class XII: Pot Pourri

These events helped in encouraging art integrated learning and innovative learning approaches.

Kudos to the winners!

Please find the video @ https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fDPW9NA231NopxImn1CcJG_TKGKmT0LQ?usp=sharing

CPS Thirumazhisai- Our Teachers win IPN Inspire Awards 2021

Indian Principal Network Foundation organised the Inspire Award Ceremony 2021 on the occasion of Teachers’ Day. 300 Schools and 700 Teachers in different groups participated. Three of our Teachers from Chennai Public School clinched their awards under various categories. Read more https://www.facebook.com/IPNFoundation.

Team CPS congratulates and wishes all the awardees numerous stretches of wonderful achievements.


“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” – François de la rochefoucauld

The importance of fruits and vegetables, which contain essential nutrients for a healthy life, was inculcated in the minds of our little ones of Pre Primary this week through an event, “FARM TO TABLE”. Children were introduced to the different fruits and vegetables in terms of their name, color, shape, size, gloss and their nutritional quality.

After learning about the significance of the fruits and vegetables, children were taught to prepare a Chef’s hat using their tiny fine motors. They wore their handmade Chef’s hat and got themselves ready as Little Chefs to make a bowl of fruit salad.

During the Vegetable hunting activity, kids zealously rushed into their kitchens and collected all the vegetables from the fridge and happily showed them to their peer group relating to its name, shape and color. Children also did vegetable printing activity using pieces of lady’s finger dipped in poster colors.  A child’s food preferences would determine his future dietary habits and these activities have ensured that the children develop a liking for eating fruits and vegetables and inculcating in them healthy eating habits.


Learning of shapes and a solid comprehension of shapes helps the young learners in not only distinguishing and sorting the visual data, but also aids in reading, learning math and science. The students of the Pre Primary of Annanagar were introduced to the basic shapes through interesting activities. They were guided to identify and name different shapes, sort shapes based on their attributes and to draw various shapes. Children formed their favourite shapes with different materials and the display of the shapes was a visual treat.