Sally Ride EarthKAM sponsored by NASA at CPS.
Students of CPS Schools Group celebrated Astronomy Month with a unique scientific opportunity by participating in the space mission through the Sally Ride EarthKAM (Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle school students), an educational outreach project sponsored by NASA and executed in India by SPACE.
A Workshop was organised to find out the participants’ regions of interest, correlate it to maps and weather predictions, and submit their requests to International Space Station (ISS) for photography. Students requested images of their chosen location from a special digital camera mounted on the window of the ISS and clicked photographs like Astronauts. This enabled students to examine the Earth from the unique perspective of space.
They also studied geographical features, environmental problems, climatic sciences, meteorological changes, and others such as results of natural phenomena and disasters like – deforestation, glacier recession and coastline changes. Finally, they are highly fascinated and eagerly looking forward to receive the images specially clicked by ISS for them in a week’s time.

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The Pre Primary Graduation Ceremony of CPS Anna Nagar was held in grandeur. The Chief Guest for the ceremony was Mr Krishnakumar Balasubramanian, Artistic Director, The Little Theatre. In his convocation address, he accentuated the significance of good parenting. The little graduates of UKG & Montessori III shared their sweet memories that they cherished during their two years of joyful journey at CPS and expressed their gratitude to all their mentors. The celebration was made more colourful and enticing when the venue glittered with the smiles of the preschoolers reflecting the glint in the eyes of their eager and proud parents. The pride and happiness seen in our young graduates did reveal the true success of this event.

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‘It takes a big heart to shape little minds.’
The above addage was all too evident at the Kamarajar Arangam on12th March 2018 when the tiny tots of CPS displayed their talents zestfully. The occasion being, the 8th Annual Day of CPS Pre Primary wing.
The Chief Guest, Mrs Magdalene Jeyarathnam, emphasized on the fact that children should be channelized at the right age in order to bring out the best in them.
The cultural extravaganza, WOW (Wonders Of the World) projected a panoramic view of the various cultures around the world. The vibrant show stole the hearts of the spectators and left them spell-bound.

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Chennai Public School opens its portal to many educational avenues for its students. CPSites make the optimal use of life-changing opportunities and come out with flying colours. In the recent International Commerce Olympiad 2017 , the Department of commerce with the able guidance of the Principal and staff (kindly mention names of teachers involved) have led the students to achieve laurels. Shreyas S (XI) and Yash R (XII) have bagged the First place which comes with a Trophy, Gold medal ,Certificate of Excellence and Certificate of merit. Ritu Joseph (XI) and Praful Jain(XII) have clinced the second place for which Silver medal, Certificate of Excellence and Certificate of merit. Enose K Cherian (XI) and Shrey Kumar Jain(XII) have secured the third place which includes the Bronze medal and a Certificate of merit. CPS proudly congratulates the achievers as it marches towards a decade of excellence in its journey towards Holistic education.


Now in the present time majority of the kids start their day with mobile and ends with it too. Video games and television plays a major role and most of the children loosing the habit of playing outdoor games. If they have all the things in a such small device in a relaxable place, then what’s the need to go out for searching fun in hot sun. CPS wanted the kids to play and experience few Desi Games and here you could see how and what fun they had playing it.

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The much awaited 7th Annual Sports Meet of Chennai Public School, Anna Nagar was held on 25th January with great fervour and excitement amidst cheers and thrills. Mr. Vasudevan Baskaran, an Arjuna Awardee ,who had captained the gold medal winning Indian Hockey team at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, was the chief guest of the day. In his speech he spoke about the importance of games in the present day world. He also insisted the role of a parent in preparing a child to face this competitive world is immense. To be a successful student, one should learn to balance both academics and sports. Mr. Sivaprakash K R who represented Tamil Nadu at the Ranji trophy, was the special guest. He appreciated the infrastructure of the school and the importance given to sports related activities.The fantastic turn out of the parents and the fine weather added to the day’s splendor.

The various sports events and the cultural extravaganza that followed held the gathering enthralled and spell bound. The crowning glory of this event was the honoring of the 10 Gems of CPS who have excelled themselves in various spheres of sports.Beating of the Retreat marked the end of the Annual Sports Meet (2017-18), where all the hard work, athletic discipline and sportsman spirit of the students had finally paid off.

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CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2017 hosted by CPS

Heritage is an intrinsic part of people’s life. It has the power to influence their views and values, their hopes and aspirations.

The prestigious CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2017 was held at the Chennai Public School on 02 Feb 2018. This venue was a scene of hustle and bustle where around 250 students along with their teachers representing eighty schools across the region came in to be a part of this prestigious show. It was a golden opportunity for these young scholars to exhibit their talents and erudition.
The much sought after, young and energetic Mr Vinay Mudaliar was the best Quiz Master anyone could hope for. After the preliminary round six teams were selected from Tamil Nadu. At the end of five tough rounds, Srivageesha Vidhyashram school from Trichy was qualified for the Regional round.
The four teams representing Nagpur – Bhavans B P Vidya Mandir , Bangalore – Sri Kumaran Children’s Home, Hyderabad – St Andrews School and Tamil Nadu – Sri Vageesha Vidhyashram Senior Secondary School faced a brain storming session, at the end of which students from Nagpur and Chennai were qualified for the semi-final round to be held at Delhi.
“If one wants to achieve success in the Heritage India Quiz one should have a detailed knowledge of the heritage of every state in the country “. On this note from Mr. Vinay Mudaliar, the much awaited and much enjoyed Heritage India Quiz 2017 also brought its curtain down.

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