CPS-ANNANAGAR- #IndiaAT75 Independance Day Celebration#Investiture

#ChennaiPublicSchool,Anna Nagar recalled the victory of India by commemorating 75 years of independence with great rigour and patriotism today. The celebration also embraced the Investiture Ceremony to badge the newly elected leaders. The Chief Guest, Col. Ganesh Bhatt hoisted the Tricolour Flag and inspired the audience with his vivacious speech focussing on various tit bits which every student should look into like safe guarding the environment, acquire mental and emotional strength and remember the unsung heroes on this momentous day.

CPS believes that true leader is not set out as a leader but becomes one through his confidence to stand alone, courage to take tough decisions and compassion towards the need of others. Multifarious events lined up one after the other on the row made the audience awestruck.

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CPS-ANNANAGAR- “Musivista” for Budding Songsters

“Without music, life would be a blank to me.” – Jane Austen

The #primary wing of #ChennaiPublicSchool, Anna Nagar, participated in Musivista, a music competition to unveil their inclination towards music. The juveniles amazed the audience with their spectacular voices, choice of rhythm and lyrics. #CPS identifying budding talents offered them a platform to showcase their musical prowess and it turned out successful.

CPS-ANNANAGAR-LAYA, the Digital Artist of CPS @NY

#ChennaiPublicSchool, Anna Nagar is cheery for Laya Mathikshara of class 10 for presenting her experience and journey through #DigitalArt before 1500+ attendees and visitors in MET AMS, Netherlands and in NFT NYC, New York where her artworks were featured on various galleries and events across the cities. Her interest in Digital Art, NFT and Web 3 made her way into this huge success giving her a tremendous amount of experience.

CPS-ANNANAGAR- Paragon-Inspires to Impact Lives

“Inspiration can come to us at any time and from many sources….. The story of someone who has succeeded in spite of difficulty can stir our emotions.” – Jim Rohn

Students of Class VII #ChennaiPublicSchool, Anna Nagar organized “Paragon”, a special assembly with a motto to inspire lives. The event included a variety of programs like Sanskrit skit on the life and struggles of classical dancer Ms. Sudha Chandran, an Hindi speech on the hard work of certain legends, a rendition of Tamil and English motivational songs, mimes on the tussles of Cricketer Thangarasu Natarajan, Ms. Arunima Sinha, the first female amputee to climb Mt. Everest and also about the Param Vir Chakra holder Captain Vikram Batra. On the whole the assemblage was inspired and motivated by the phenomenal performance of the students.


The #preprimary tiny tots of #ChennaiPublicSchool, Anna Nagar had a cyclopedic learning on the importance of #family through an event “MY ROOTS”. Kiddos identified the types of family each live in, their members and the bonding they share, through stories, rhymes and Chit-chats. As roots hold a tree, love holds a family. Kids created a #memorabilia using vegetable painting, buttons pasting and drawing to portray their family. This furthered the children’s understanding on the significance of ‘Family’, an ever-lasting relationship between members agglutinated with love.

CPS-ANNANAGAR- Kaaviya is ready to represent India in the #IESO

Kaaviya Uthirapandian, of Class XII A, #ChennaiPublicSchool#AnnaNagar is selected to represent India in the 15th International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO) 2022 to be held in Italy.

Earth Science is a multidisciplinary subject that consists of geology, meteorology, astronomy, and oceanography covering every aspect of Earth from icy glaciers to fiery stars.

Her interest in Earth Science started at the age of 5 and now she can identify rocks and minerals by just looking at them. After a couple of weeks of training from #IESO 2022, Kaaviya is finally qualified to represent our Nation.

Let’s wish her good success in all her endeavours.

CPS-ANNANAGAR-Aidrick, Rubik’s National Runner Up

Aidrick John Allen, Grade V student of #CPS, Anna Nagar is an all time aspirant to solve complex and challenging #puzzles which made him delve into Rubik’s cube. Craving for Rubik’s mastery made him join Tamil Nadu Cube Association. Aidrick, participating in #NationalLevelRubik’s Competition, became the First Runner-Up solving 2×2 cube in just 00:08:06 Seconds. Our Heartiest Congratulations for his achievement and Best wishes for his goal towards breaking the World Record.


CPS-ANNANAGAR- Masoom-Keeping Children Safe

  Let tender minds have no scar. Primary students of CPS attended an awareness campaign by ‘Masoom’, a Young Indian Project to educate children on the difference between safe and unsafe touch. A touch that makes a child nervous or discomfited should be never allowed. The session’s prime objective was to encourage kids to speak up about their minds, problems, and worries when they feel unsafe or insecure for their protection and personal safety. Child Sexual Abuse, is a very sensitive topic explained through a skit with a motto, “I Speak. I Share. I Smile”.


“Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.” – Martha Graham

The students of the Primary wing of Chennai Public School, Anna Nagar participated in the “Foot Fiesta”, a dance competition to unveil their hidden talents in dance. Each of them gave a terrific performance and set the floor on fire through their splendid synchronization of choreography, rhythm and energy. Some also used props like hats, sticks, hula hoops to fascinate the audience and judges. This event paved the way for the bloom of young talents and future terpsichoreans.

CPS-ANNANAGAR- “Being Myself”

“Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself.  When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.’’

Justifying the above famous saying of Zoe Kravitz, the Pre Primary tiny tots of Chennai Public School, Anna Nagar, had a week long learning on the importance and uniqueness of oneself through “Being Myself”, an event to help children develop an healthy sense of self and realize that every individual is distinct and special.  Children were involved in various activities where they decorated hand-made mirrors using colour paper, foil sheet, stones and then pasted their photograph to make it “I AM SPECIAL”.