“I have seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives.”

“Angels in disguise” a talk show was conducted for the Primary students of CPS,Annanagar in order to highlight the role and importance of community helpers. The children spoke about how important it is to for all of us to know the way in which they work for the society. They were dressed up as Doctors, nurses, astronauts, the farmers and roboteers too. The competition proved to be a great learning experience for the students and it will help to instill in them respect for all professions.

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It’s never too early to start! At a young age to inculcate the patriotic feeling, CPS Pre Primary celebrated Independence Day on August 14th 2018. Many activities to bring in the flavor and taste of Independence were conducted for children which gave them a real nice experience to learn about their country’s importance. Kids outspread and formed in to India and Indian Flag in the playground, was a wonderful scene to witness. It gave goosebumps when they all sang the anthem together in their tiny adorable voice in the formation. A talk show was also held for PP3 children on the topic “Indian Freedom Fighters” which gave an opportunity for them to learn about the leaders who fought for our freedom. Kids were also involved in flag making activity and carried it home with pride.

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“A nation’s culture resides in the heart and the soul of its people.”
Incredible India has a rich cultural heritage, vast natural landscapes and historical monuments. Each Indian takes pride in being part of this country with diversified cultures. The primary students of CPS, Anna Nagar didn’t deter in their efforts to project the different spectacular destinations, architectural marvels and hidden treasures with appropriate props during the talk show “Fab India”. This event imparted a plethora of Fantabulous Indian experiences. With the Independence Day around the corner, this was the perfect event to induce the patriotism amongst our students.

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“Earth provides enough to satisfy everyman’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”
The 10th ENVIRO 2018, a unique programme for school children was launched off with great enthusiasm by The Science Olympiad Foundation and Industrial Waste Management Association. Various competitions like, Greeting card preparation (Juniors), Waste Management (Seniors) Photo story Competition (Super seniors) were organized in this regard. The first round was conducted on 28th July and the final round on the 29th of July at IIT Madras. The chief guest of the day was a Siddha practitioner, Dr. Sivaraman.
Special prizes were awarded to Aditi of 5A, Inmozhi of 10D and Pari Vallal of Class XII
Students were exposed to the importance of conserving and sustaining our environment.


“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” …
It was an ostensible show of might when Chennai Public School took on Union Christian School on 1/8/18 in the TNCA city school under 14 Cricket Tournaments held at All Strom Ground , Pallavaram.
It was the dexterity of the fielders combined with the stellar performance of Deep. N. Doshi (127 not out), T. Karthik Srinivas (73 runs) and V. Auro Deep (5 wickets for 8 runs) which helped the C.P.S team to emerge as victors by a huge margin. (69 in 15.5 overs).
Congratulations to the winners.


“Your greatest resource is your time”.
Punctuality and good time management skills are vital for children to be successful in life as they acquire a sense of stability, security and self-confidence. To impart the importance of time management, CPS Junior Academy students observed “Being on Time”. A big wall clock was set up in each class and kids enjoyed moving the needle around to find time. They also learnt about keeping their timings in their day to day routine activities. As a special activity, the children were introduced to various time zones across the world.

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CPS-ANNANAGAR-“Ring the Bling”

Celebrating and exploring culture and tradition knowledge is the key to cultivate a positive learning experience. In order to foster such learning, “Ring the Bling” event was conducted for the primary students of CPS Anna Nagar.
The children energetically dressed in the attires of different states and articulated about their state’s significance. The array of the traditional dishes was a feast for the eyes. This event helped the children to develop a different perspective and understanding of their cultural and traditional values.

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‘Grandparents are a delightful bundle of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories and love.”

“Nana Nani Day” at the Junior Academy of CPS was a day of celebration for both the students and grandparents . The grandparents shared some mesmerizing moments with children. They entertained the children with music and melody, and by narrating stories. The children also sang a song with a special kind of love which they had for their grandparents. To cherish this memorable day the grandparents were presented with thank you cards and mementos.

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