Kids love outer space and all of the intergalactic fun that comes along with it. An event about space, “Galaxy Gazer” was conducted at CPS Junior Academy. Our class room was transformed into a celestial sensation with planetary details, rockets and stars, moon and spaceship for the kids to feel the true essence of the cosmos. Tiny tots gazed around with outer space sound effects in a thrill, gave them a unforgettable learning session about galaxy. Kids blasted off into a day of solar system fun and took home a handmade space craft a keepsake.

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‘In a world full of game players, the only way to set yourself apart is to be a Game Changer’.
We at Chennai Public School believe in imparting knowledge through innovative methods and one of the most novel one, is through the assemblies which makes it mandatory for all students to actively participate in one programme or the other.The assemblies offer a visual and fun way of gathering information that is easily understood and retained in the minds of an onlooker.The Special Assembly, presented by Grade V began with the ‘Sanskrit Prayer Song’ invoking the blessings of God followed by a variety of programmes. The topic seemed pertinent and all the programmes were in coherence with the topic. The program started off with Yoga which highlighted on ‘Thoppukarnam’ or Super Brain Yoga which helps a person to achieve mental, physical and spiritual well-being. The Tamil ‘Therukoothu’ team enthralled the parents reiterating the usage of copper and mud vessels over plastic.The choral speakers convinced the parents that though they seem to be “Young and Restless” , they are completely focused and will turn out well in the long run. The ‘Dance drama’ and the ‘Carnatic Choir’ emphasized the fact that every one of us have the responsibility to be a game changer in the lives of the under privileged.
The performance of the students was very heartening& uplifting and there was a general air of exuberance among the audience.

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“Our Culture, our traditions, our language are the foundations upon which we build our identity.”
Traditions help create memory and help impart our life values in children. In order to instill such values in our young children the Special Assembly of Grade II “Reminiscing our Traditions” entertained their parents with an array of cultural programs like songs, dance, skit, yoga and debate. The program began with a salute to Mother India through our National song. The children displayed their proficiency in three different languages, English, Tamil and Hindi. Through the skits the children showcased the changes in lifestyles and traditions over the years and emphasized on keeping the traditions alive. The students danced gracefully on the stage and mesmerized the audience through the folk and traditional dance forms of South India. The yoga performance by the students was breath taking and received standing ovation from the audience. The program concluded with a melodious song on family traditions. It was a memorable day for the students and parents.

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The Special Assembly for Grade IV “Life is Beautiful”, focused on creating a platform to encourage all the students to display and identify their innate talents and in the process imparted value based knowledge.The event was diligently organized and children participated enthusaistically delivering their part with style and grace. The variety of programes brought out the blatant fact that life is beautiful and it is in the hands of the beholder to choose a life of Joy, positivity, compassion, love or dwell in things that don’t see the innumerable opportunities that life offers. The Carnatic and the Western Choir brought out the essential truth that it is the little things in everyday life that makes each one happy. The choral speakers urged the audience to throw the Idiot Box, TV and replace it with knowledge giving source “Books” . Life is beautiful always, and beauty can be found nearly anywhere if we look with light in our eyes.This indispensible reality was tactfully brought out by the Tamil Debaters and Dancers too. To conclude the program, the students summarised with the profound thought and that it is pertinent to honour, the beauty inherent in all experiences and to prioritize the way we want the world to be and empathetically contribute to a loving world.

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CPS-Reflections-Singapore Futuresake

“Our visit to Urban farming called ComCrop is the key to global change & solutions. It left us wonderstruck with their innovative ideas how Singapore’s commercial farm is preparing for food security in the limited land they live in. We did experience the mental satiety when the produce from the roof top garden was cooked and served as lunch in the Pope Jai Thai restaurant.

In our session, I queried to find out more on their perspective of sustainable growing. This paved me to come up with innumerable ideas and strategies on how it should be implemented in our neighbourhood, for which sustainable development is the step to a future we want for all. We were told about why to zero down on our food wastage and how it is being wasted from the genesis of plant harvesting till it reaches our plates.

This trip was an eye opener for me and I started of by making my fellow peers aware of how their day to day habits can be much more saving and thoughtful. My fellow schoolmates and I shall unite and will make the society proud in conserving the resources in the place we spend most of the time in a day – Its CPS”. – Karen Megna P, IX D

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CPS-Change makers in Singapore

CPS Schools initiated a student-centered program around Sustainable habitats called FutureSake and visited Singapore to study the city in the garden recently. Singapore is recognised as the exceptional role model city because it has made use of the best available resources to ensure clean and healthy environment for all the residents and visitors.

The main objective of this program is to envision what student fraternity in all capacities can do in the present for the future. 33 change makers of CPS set their stage wise journey after conducting a thorough review of their neighbourhood and school on various aspects; and reflect their learning into more workable solutions for the problems they came across.

Their visit to the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore helped them to learn how energy efficient buildings were planned & built meticulously and the challenges faced in tackling various ground breaking issues. The energetic minds of CPS surveyed the self sustaining Green Mark structures of Singapore and pondered upon how the people of that nation pulled off such a massive and energy consuming feat. Fascinating sights of innovation & aesthetics of the city’s design startled them and left them in a state of awe.

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Taekwondo star, S.M.Keerthana of Chennai Public School, Anna Nagar bagged Gold Medal in School Games Federation of India held at Lucknow, Silver Medal in CBSE Cluster held at Aurangabad and Gold Medal in District and State Tournaments in Federation matches. Hearty Congratulations!