“Be a hand that reaches out to help others”
The children of Class 3 displayed their talents in music, dance and drama during their special assembly titled, “Take a stand, Lend your hand”. The young students spread the message of love and highlighted that lending a hand need not be just giving money, but can be as simple as a single kind word, smile or a thoughtful gesture. They rocked the stage with their vibrant dance performance. They stole the hearts of the audience through a melodious carnatic and western song. The Hindi speech was dedicated to a few philanthropists who had devoted their lives to the society. The special assembly was graced with the presence of three eminent special guests, Ms Elezabeth G K, Dr. Solomon Suresh and Ms Shridevi Sudharsan. They were mesmerized by the varied performances and display of talents by the students. Parents too were contented to see all their children participate in different events . The assembly made the children understand that all must do their part to make this world a better place for everyone.

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Robotics Department of Chennai Public School conducted an activity – ” THE ROBONAUTS” for the Middle School students. A theme based activity was conducted and the students actively participated in the event. The activity was conducted to make students to build their own robots and to work with others to solve the problems of robot agility and reactions.

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The Special Assembly was an exact representation of the above quote. The topic seemed apt and was truly imbibed by every student and perfectly executed by them. The programme was conducted recently. Many unique events based on the topic, such as Puppet Show, Dance, Music, Natiya Nadagam and Mime were performed with great co-ordination and expertise by the students. The events took place in the presence of three Eminent Special Guests. Ms. Sangeetha Makesh, a renowned psychologist , Mr.Sathish Manikandan and Ms.Rashma Shenoay , renowned Special Educators. They greatly appreciated the students for their vibrant and colourful display of talents. They also commended the school for conducting this unique event which gave an opportunity for every child to participate and exhibit their innate talents.
The parents were exhilarated and whole-heartedly applauded the efforts taken by the school in showcasing such a wonderful programme. The theme ‘Celebrating Differences’ went a long way in instilling the qualities of appreciating each other’s differences and nurturing brotherhood among the students.

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“The Innocence of Conscience”.

Children are the most wonderful creation of God. They win our hearts by their innocent smiles. The class 2 students of CPS won the hearts of the audience with their breathtaking performance during the Special Assembly titled “The innocence of conscience.” The young students entertained their parents with a variety of cultural programmes through which they reminded us of our core values which are often forgotten while we are busy trying to fulfill our desires. They voiced their happiness through English, Tamil and Hindi songs. The children’s performance in the Tamil Skit proved their eloquence in their mother tongue. The yoga postures which they displayed on the stage received a standing ovation from the audience. The message through their English skit, “An Innocent conscience fears nothing” was really thought provoking. The entire show was compered and conducted in a very efficient manner by the children proving that it is not what you do for your children that matters but what you have taught them to do themselves.

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Spreading awareness on the ill effects of gadgets on children, we at CPS had a week long learning session along with fun activities based on the topic Go Away Gadgets.

Children were engaged every day in new activities, wherein they were taught how to make use of things around them and create different games such as flying a paper plane, four cups, paper ball race, good & bad habits game etc. Hope this will inspire them to shift their focus away from gadgets and play with their family and friends which in turn will give them immense happiness and contentment. They also carried home a paper rocket and dice to remind them to keep playing without gadgets.

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The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.

Chennai Public School has created history once again in the field of Mathematics. In the Regional Mathematics Olympiad held recently our talented boys Akash Lenka and Gourav Kumar of the senior secondary captured a position in the top 30 rankings while Anushka Saxena topped in the girls category. CPS is enthralled by this success and looks forward to a phenomenal performance in the Indian National Mathematical Olympiad.


“School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside”.

School is our second domicile. For every single human it’s their school which gave not only education, but also the most memorable and enjoyable period of their life. Every Child should understand what school is and know to respect their school. It’s also a duty of every parent to inculcate that, a school is place of worship and every teacher should be respected. We at CPS Pre Primary to make the kids understand the importance of school and the learning, an event “My School My Pride” was conducted. The children had a special assembly on the topic and they explained how to behave and work in school. They also visited the junior and senior classes holding placards to convey the message. Kids went home with a badge carrying the message “My School My Pride”.

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“Inability can become an ability when you are aware of your innate potential”.
An elocution competition based on the topic “Challenging the Hurdles” was conducted for the Class III students to create an awareness on the differently abled personalities who have overcome their obstacles and adversities through sheer hardwork and positive attitude.
The personalities chosen by the students were unique and inspiring. The students were very expressive and eloquent and were able to change the outlook of their fellow students on the Differently- Abled people and learn to be more compassionate and respectful towards them.

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One of the most fervently scheduled co-curricular event of the Computer Science department “Scratch the Code” was held recently for the students of Class V. Eleven students were shortlisted from the first round. They were asked to prepare a game using the SCRATCH application for the final round. The students were the Game developers.
They designed various games with the help of the application. Some of the games were Hungry Shark, Dodge the Ball, Gallaxza and many more. This amazing show of talent, intelligence and attitude was the spirit of the program. The students performed exceptionally well, winning laurels for their house. The competition gave a lot of encouragement and confidence to all the participants. It ignited the spirit of competitiveness and kick started their future prospects in the Digital Media.

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“Story telling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.”

The Class I children of CPS participated in the story telling competition-“Teeny Weeny Tales” with great enthusiasm. The delightful way in which they articulated the stories kept the audience spell bound. The competition helped the young learners to display their verbal proficiency.

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