CPS-ANNANAGAR-HMCA India. Shrish Madhan adds yet another feather.

The key to holding a logical argument or debate is to allow oneself to understand the other person’s argument no matter how divergent their views may seem” 

Shrish Madhan of Chennai Public School, Anna Nagar, who won the Best Delegate Award in Harvard Model Congress Asia is an ardent and seasoned speaker and debater. He represented Iran UNEP and the agenda was Food Security. A true debater should aim high, study his opponents with a clear perception and judge wisely. Perhaps, these may the attributes that set him apart from others and also paved the way for achieving the covetous Best Delegate Award.

Shrish may more accomplishments come your way and more accolades brighten your path. CPS wishes you all the very best in everything you venture.

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‘Profound human understanding and accomplishment should be the ultimate aim of education’

Co-curricular activities conducted at school have always been a path-paver in this aspect contributing towards systematic and meaningful learning and consequently to holistic development of every student.

At Chennai Public School, students are exposed to a plethora of opportunities to unveil their innate talent through the CCA activities conducted every month. Herd O’ Nerd, the English CCA activity conducted in the month of July was indeed an epiphany to the fact that every child is endowed with immense  potential and it is the obligation of educators to help them realize their worth and usher them to limelight.In this regard, classes 6-10 were assigned various topics thereby providing opportunities to display their creativity and expertise. Winners were selected based on the content matter, creativity and presentation skills. It was indeed an enriching experience both for the teachers and students.

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CPS-ANNANAGAR-National Sports Day

“Only a fit person, fit family and a fit society will pave way for a great and new India”

The lockdown has indeed urged our dear students for the last five months to stay back at home, confined to their space, pressed with their customary routine works, depriving them of the freedom of movement. In order to break this mundane sedentary lifestyle, We at CPS decided to celebrate “The National Sports Day” coupled with “Fit India Movement” on August 29th 2020. On this esteemed day we fondly commemorated, our legendary sportsperson “The Wizard of Indian Hockey” Major Dhyan Chand on his Birth Anniversary, who surprised the world with his fitness, stamina, and hockey stick, whose tenacity and determination will never go obliterated.To prove the point that fitness is not a destination but should be a way of life, The Physical Department of CPS organized, one hour of fun filled physical activities and games for our 4th and 5th graders. The staff demonstrated easy to follow at home workouts to acquaint them with strength, agility, flexibility and balance. Coronavirus had driven children to include breathing exercises in their daily lifestyle to boost the immune system to fight the pandemic, our instructors left no stones unturned to effectively enhance our children with this “need of hour’ work out. No matter where learning takes place – in the classroom, at home, virtually or on-the-go – it’s important to ensure that children are physically and emotionally feeling energized, supported and ready for what’s ahead . We at CPS look at every possibility to inculcate optimism in our children that would far surpass the uncertainty raised by this unprecedented pandemic

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“Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything”.
CPS Anna Nagar conducted an online EVS competition for the students of Class III to V
Class III students created mind-boggling objects out of different waste products proving once again that most of the things, considered to be trash can be reused.
Class IV students depicted their love for nature by creating alluring posters themed ‘Save-the- Environmental’
Class V students were given an opportunity to debate on the present scenario “Is this pandemic a boon or bane to the universe” where the message was proficiently conveyed through their presentations and counter arguments. This activity made the students understand that small steps taken by group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world.
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CPS-ANNANAGAR-HMUN- Honourable Delegate Award Conferred on Pranav.

Harvard Model United Nations is a 4-day annual conference where delegates from all over the country, some from around the globe, constellate to discuss, debate, negotiate and generate plans of action for international issues. But this time, the difference was that we convened while existing multitudes of miles away from each other.

Here goes Pranav’s Experience,
“As the delegate of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Futuristic General Assembly, which was set in 2030, I was tasked with assessing the success of the Sustainable Development Goals, framing a roadmap for the future, and making sure that my nation’s interests were addressed in the resolution at the end of the committee. And I did so, along with the other delegates, all the while chatting, spilling gossip, and debating about marvel and DC and whether pineapple should go on pizza. The main contrast between my previous MUNs and this one, apart from the fact that many of us weren’t even in the same country, was that I tried to take it lightly, I genuinely tried to think of solutions for the global community on my own, I endeavoured to make the debate between delegates fruitful and conclusive, and I got to know both the dais and my other committee members. In the end, I was recognized for my ideas and my contribution to the committee on the whole and was given the “Honourable Delegate” award.
It was a very calm and composed online MUN conference as compared to the chaotic in-person committee meetings. That is one of the advantages of virtual platforms, everyone gets listened to. It was a one of a kind experience, something that I will not forget, but I will continue to take part in such Model United Nation Conferences, whether online or in-person, not only because it enhances my diplomatic and soft-skills or adds to my profile, but also, just because I like it”.

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Digital art is an artistic  practice that uses digital technology as part of the creative or presentation process.

Students of Class 6 have transformed the imaginary to reality. They used the colours to communicate their unique ideas.Digital photography activity was given to  students of Class 7 with the topic ‘Environmental health’. To develop the habit of looking closely at the visible world around you in order to represent it in terms of aesthetics, beauty and truth. – To look at what you are seeing and to see what you are looking at.Video making event was an excellent chance for the students of class 8 to learn the art of video editing and to enhance their technical knowledge, alongside their academic learning.Students of Class 9 have translated their thoughts into words by drafting splendid blogs and made their inner voice loud to the outer world.

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“To know another language is to possess another soul”

Language being the backbone of communication, strengthening the units of language like phonics, speech and vocabulary stays vital. Aiming to imbibe and fortify the power of language in children, CPS Annanagar conducted a language competition for the Primary students.

The competition comprised of both Tamil and Hindi language with different topics themed on patriotism as per their grade level.The Tamil and Hindi competition was an agglomeration of music, story narration, talk show and word games. The students of class 1 surprised the audience with their clear pronunciation while they sang patriotic songs with great admiration. The story narration of class 2 students and the talk show of class 3 and 4 students brought out their proficiency in the respective language. The drawings and painting of national symbols which the students used as props added grandeur to the show. The word game for class 5 was entertaining and informative and a reflection of their enriched vocabulary. 

The students from class 1 to 5 participated with a good competitive spirit and equipped themselves in a creative way. The language competitions enhanced the students’ existing calibre on language to excellence which was showcased in the most adorable way.

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Diction of Sanskrit Language if applied in proper mode is capable of elevating the aspirant to a position of glory and honour. 

This is what the students of Chennai Public School proved by participating in an Interschool online competition conducted by Samskritha Bharathi on 8th & 9th of August 2020. During this solitary confinement days the students of the Department of Sanskrit whole heartedly participated in many events such as Recital of Samskritha Subhashitham, Elocution in Sanskrit,  Solo Singing (Sanskrit songs) and a Quiz Competition. 

Literary and rhetorical beauty when blended with symphonic brilliance of our students really won every heart. This become incontestable when the students proved their worth by winning appreciation and awards.The singing masteroes Shreya R, Sahasra Konda and Shreya Rajagopalan made us all proud by winning district positions. Preparing for a Quiz Competition based on ancient India is like finding gems from an ocean. It needs a lot of dedication and research. Sai Trishith of class 10 was the runner up, thus adding more feathers to the department of Sanskrit. CPS once again proved that  the words of John D Rockefellar “The secret of success is to do common things uncommonly well is true “.

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