CPS Thirumazhisai- Preprimary Graduation Day 2018-19

On 15th March, The Graduation Day ceremony commemorates the precious moments of the little ones and offers an opportunity to celebrate the culmination of their preschool years and the beginning of new experiences to come. The Chief Guest Ms. Sudha Gandekar, Secretary, Indian Montessori  Centre, TN Chapter graced the occasion and expressed her heart by appreciating the children and teachers for the personal touch and happy environment prevailing in the school. The performers put up a great “Chocó treat”, show filled with confidence and charisma. The little munchkins also presented an endearing dance performance. An exhilarating musical “Farewell” dance was presented by the adorable kindergarten students and finally, the students were conferred with personalized citations and souvenirs. The eventful evening came to an end with a cute “Goodbye” performance by the tiny tots dedicated for the graduating students.


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CPS Thirumazhisai- Curtains to Club Activities

The culmination of all club activities at CPS Thirumazhisai for this academic year culminated in a grand way. Students of the Theater club displayed their talent in emulating expressions. The grand masters of CPS Chess club made their gambit and explained the terminologies of the game. The skills of striking the Bull’s eye was put to test by bursting balloons by the students of Archery club. The athletic and  Skating club students mesmerized the spectators through speed skate, tapping, opposite cross over and others. A display of self defense by the Karate club members instilled confidence in all the young spectators about having a fearless approach to meet the outside world. Every club member was feeling proud to be a part of this apotheosis.

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CPS Thirumazhisai- Road Safety Education “Be Safe Be Smart”

IL & FS Education & Technology Service Ltd with BMW-India organised a Road safety Education Programme- “Be Safe Be Smart” on 1 st March 2019, for the students of Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai, Grade – I & III. The workshop shed light on the importance of road safety. Ms. Jothi and Ms. Renu the spokes personae presented a PPT on traffic rules and regulations. It was an interactive session where students were asked to share their experience and opinion on road safety. The students were given an on road experience of using e- bikes and cars. Pleasure interspersed with knowledge as they learnt the measures to be taken to keep safe on roads.


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CPS TMZ- Online Exchange Programme with UAE schools

Students of Classes VI to VIII at Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai were digitally engaged in on online Exchange Programme with Sunrise English Private School, Abu dhabi, UAE couple of days ago. The Social Science activities for the collaboration included a PPT on different topics related to each country. Quiz on Shakespeare and his works was well received by the participants as it was interesting to compete with each other.

It is a first-of-its-kind interaction sitting miles apart that has awed the students. They were curious and excited before the session, enthusiastic and energetic during the programme and satisfied as well as elated after the session. Students of both the schools look forward for many more exchange programmes like this in understanding each others culture and celebrating it in all means.

CPS Thirumazhisai- Graduation Day

The students of class XII were given a befitting adieu by the school on 18 th February, 2019. The morning session programs were conducted exclusively by the class XI students which included a documentary about life as a CPSian, awards for the best seniors and melodious entertainment.

The formal graduation ceremony in the evening was presided over by the Chief Guest, Dr. M. Gautaman, HOD of Sociology, Loyola College. Students after receiving their graduation scrolls and mementos, they pledged to carry forth the values and knowledge imbibed in school, symbolically represented by the lamps they lit. The Chief Guest in his keynote address reminded the students about the need to be aware of their responsibility as the future of the country. Releasing the paper lanterns into the night sky marked the grand finale.



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CPS Thirumazhisai @ Science City Chennai

Science city Chennai conducted the Chennai science festival in 2019, in B.M. Birla Planetarium from 19 Feb 2019 to 22 Feb 2019. The science festival was inaugurated by the IAS officer U.Sagayam. Thirty different schools from different parts of the Tamil Nadu division participatedin the comptetition. D prem and M Tamilelelan of class VIII -A from Chennai public school, Thirumazhisai presented their start up idea of reducing carbon dioxide from vehicle exhaust. Their demonstration had grand welcome and drew attention of the chief guest and other exhibitor.