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Amanda Faith Samuel of Class IX from CPS Thirumazhisai had published her thoughts on “Tackling issues one step at a time” under the topic “A Rocky Predicament”.




                            “Parents are the ultimate role models for children.

                            Every word, movement and action has an effect”

Parent’s   involvement in education is like the frosting on a cup cake, it makes it complete and delicious. As a part of the program, parents are encouraged to take part in their ward’s learning. The colourful videos, attractive PPT, and lively session nourished the kids’ knowledge. The different programs and activities were conducted by the parents of IPP, Grade I&II in the Chennai Public School, Thirumzlisai campus.


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Chennai Public School Admissions Open 2019-20

CHENNAI PUBLIC SCHOOL, Thirumazhisai (CBSE)Registration forms for the academic year 2019-20 will be issued from 14 Dec, 2018 onwards.


10 am to 4 pm


Chennai Public School
TH Road, SH 50
Thirumazhisai, Chennai 124

For queries, reach us @ 8754592477



Application forms for the academic year 2019-20 will be issued from 14 Dec, 2018 onwards.


10 am to 4 pm


CPS Global School
TH Road, SH 50
Thirumazhisai, Chennai 124

For queries, reach us @ 044-26812400 / 404



On 23rd November a work shop was conducted by Indian School of Business & Finance in collaboration with University of London & London School of Economics for grade XII students of Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai to gain an understanding of the basic concepts of Economics, Management and Finance through an interactive role- play game under the banner of PLAYNOMICS.

The resource persons for the workshop were Mr. Amarnath Mondal, Sr. Associate Manager-Outreach, University of London International programmes  & Mr. Soumitra Mukherjee, Associate Professor, ISBF.

The work shop is mainly focused on “The Win-Win Game”, the purpose of the workshop was to demonstrate how international trade takes place and its benefits. The game mimiced an international trade scenario where countries with varied resources trade amongst each other. The learning outcomes are “Understanding on the concept and rationale of International Trade and how countries interact with each other by skillfully deploying the resources at their disposal”.


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M. S. Ranganathan Foundation Under-13 State Level Cricket Tournament was organized at Santhoshapuram, Medavakkam, on 3 December, 2018. In the final match among 6 contesting teams the team of Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai, beat Everwin Vidyashram by 7 wickets. Anshy of IX D was declared the Man of the Match and Sriman of VIII B won the Man of the series award.


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“The Expert in Anything was once a Beginner”

As a part of teaching life skills, students of VIII B of CPS, Thirumazhisai were taught the method of preparing phenyl on 27th November 2018. It provided hands on experience to all the students in preparing a cleaning solution. They learnt the procedure, measurements, and materials required and also have been capable of doing it independently. It turned out to be interesting and they showed eagerness towards this project. Having self hygiene in mind students also used hand gloves and mask during the preparation. Students were monitored by the teachers during the process.


“Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory”

The Tournament of Champions was everything one can ask for. It wasn’t just about academic growth, it was about how you can grow as a person and benefit the global economy. It is an amazing opportunity to behold what the world  has to offer. It is a chance to meet and mingle with people with various age groups and cultural backgrounds. To be honest it was a leap of faith for us. It was an experience everyone earns for.

In such events you realize you have so much to learn, and there is always space for us to grow. Only when we grow higher, we realize how little we were. It was an amazing experience not because it is an international but because it was an amazing platform to groom your leadership skils.You look around you and you find people from various countries across the world who are here together to celebrate the joy of learning. You may not believe but now we have a friend circle that spans the globe…from Japan to Botswana and beyond we made friends to last a lifetime. Well, lets not forget that it is a competition. It is a magnanimous stage to put up your debate skills, international knowledge and articulate your writing skills. We are proud that we had great individual and team achievements. Some of them are our team was top 200 in both debate and writing and we were top 50% top scholars and we got 20 silver medals and 3 gold. But still the true accolades of the journey were the exposure and experience itself.

Keeping the competition aside, it was amazing to witness the grandeur of the Yale University. We could feel the rush of history in our Veins as behold the magniloquence of the 400 years old institution. Well not just Yale, how can we forget the home of lady liberty? It was also amazing to witness the scenic skyline of the city that never sleeps “New York”. From the amazing statue of Liberty to the Royal Empire State building, it was a trip of a lifetime.


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