CPS Thirumazhisai- Ganesh Chathurthi

Festivals build cohesiveness and help inform, educate, develop bonds and break the monotony of the regular routine hence, Sarvajanik Ganesh Utsav was celebrated virtually by the pre-primary department of Chennai Public School , Thirumazhisai on 9th September 2021.

Various activities were organized on this auspicious occasion. The purpose of this celebration was to make students connect with Indian culture and help them to understand the significance of the festival.

The celebration began with a prayer to Lord Ganesha, followed by the celebratory chanting. Beautiful clay idols of Ganesha were prepared by students. The decorative umbrellas were testimony to the children’s creativity. Great care was taken to employ eco-friendly resources.

Parents, students and teachers celebrated the event with enthusiasm. Everyone in the audience prayed that the festival would remove sorrows and difficulties from people’s lives and usher in happiness.

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CPs Thirumazhisai- Literary Melange 2021

‘Literary Melange-2021’, of the English department, was conducted recently. Living up to the name, competitions testing the skills of language coupled with artistic and creative ingredients, provided a colourful collage of events. Everything from the invite to the editing was deftly done by the students to create a rich tapestry, intrinsically woven by a string of talents, that was viewed online by nearly 200 viewers. The vivid costumes and art work were the real show stoppers, thrilling the audience to bits!

The events were as follows:

Class    I: Camouflage

Class   II: ‘Oh, Can You Say?’

 Class III: Poem Parade (Theme: Seasons)

 Class IV: Tweet Sheets

Class V: Silhouettes

Class VI: Razzmatazzing

Class VII: Raconteur Meanders

Class VIII: Dramatis Personae

Class IX: Character posters

Class XI: Whacky Resume

Class XII: Pot Pourri

These events helped in encouraging art integrated learning and innovative learning approaches.

Kudos to the winners!

Please find the video @ https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fDPW9NA231NopxImn1CcJG_TKGKmT0LQ?usp=sharing

CPs Thirumazhisai – Divine Supremacy

Shri Krishna Janmashtami was also celebrated this year by Pre-primary department of Chennai Public school, Thirumazhisai recently. The event commenced by evoking the blessings of Lord Krishna through an enthralling bhajan and shloka recitation by our students. The tiny tots of Pre-primary donned themselves in the attire of Lord Krishna and Radha, frolicking around with flutes, peacock feathers and matkas. A lot of fun filled activities like Pot painting, Krishna idol decoration, flute decoration, Rangoli with foot print were organized by the teachers to inculcate cultural values among the students. The life history of Lord Krishna was very beautifully depicted by students through various story performances. Towards the end, Parents and grandparents were invited to tell the story of little Krishna.  The virtual ambience of Janmashtami was created when the tiny tots chanted the Krishna songs and turned the celebration into one of joys and exuberance.

CPS Thirumazhisai – Investiture Ceremony 2021

“A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”- John C Maxwell.

Chennai public school, Thirumazhisai held the virtual investiture ceremony for the newly elected students council members recently through the virtual platform. Student council members were elected by their peer and teachers, based on various criteria. Master Tharun Arul and Ms Arati were chosen as Student Pupil leaders and Master Hunar V, Ms.Purvi Dallmia as Jr. School Pupil Leader. The ceremony commenced with a brief cultural programme. The council members were embellished with the badges by their proud parents, followed by taking of the oath. The Chief Guest, Lt.Col. Shakun Kamboj instilled the young leaders with the spirit of service towards the nation. This was followed by the student council’s resolution in which the members thanked their teachers and peers for entrusting them with the responsibility and promised to fulfill their duties to the best of their abilities.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/-9tkd65mmeU

CPS Thirumazhisai- Kargil Divas 2021

Pre- Primary Department of Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai celebrated Kargil Diwas virtually on 26th July 2021. This helped students to understand the importance of this day.The teachers showcased the video of our brave soldiers who fought against the Pakistani army and emerged victorious. Everyone maintained two minutes of silence as homage to the martyrs. To make the event memorable, students were asked to do the cotton and dal pasting craft activity.Everyone was very passionate during this event. The children enjoyed the activity and understood the sacrifice of our brave soldiers.

Click here for the photos, https://photos.app.goo.gl/W76eHh2yQcX5a3BC6

CPS Thirumazhisai- Germination of seeds

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.

CPS always emphasizes that nature and its resources are the building blocks of our civilization. As a part of experiential learning the germination of seeds activity was done by the students of class IV in an innovative way. It gave them an opportunity to witness the growth of seeds into plants. Their happiness was at its peak when they saw a little plant coming out .The event was a reminder to the students of their duties towards mother Earth emphasizing the need to protect the earth and promote afforestation. It instilled the thought that “The seeds we plant today will become fruit bearing tree tomorrow”.

CPS Thirumazhisai – Special Assembly II A

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” – John Dewy

      Having said that, the students of Grade II A of Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai have impeccably completed their class assembly. This is definitely worth an acclamation.

The assembly started off with a Prayer song followed by Thought of the Month, News & Weather Report, Hindi-Tamil Rhymes, Word of the Day, Homographs, Magic Show, Riddles and many more events like Experiment, Skit & Birthday Blast which were the high-lights of the occasion.

Every child was given an opportunity to showcase his or her talents. Heartfelt thanks to the parents and the school management for extending their support to make the assembly a stupendous one.

CPS Thirumazhisai- Chocolate Day


Chocolate is loved by all across the world. It not only acts as a good stress buster and a mood lifter but also good for health. The need to educate kids on the health benefits and joy of indulging in chocolates, The preprimary department and Grade 1 & 2 of Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai, virtually celebrated ‘Choc n Chuckle’ on 7th July, 2021. 

Students were asked to bring their favorite chocolate and had a great time relishing them. With events like games, story, integrated activities, the melted chocolate tray – tracing the letters etc, students were elated throughout. With the guidance of a teacher, ‘Make and Eat’ activity where bread slices, chocolate syrup, fruits was devoured in no time. Hands on activity were conducted where students were asked to make their favorite chocolate ice cream using origami sheets.

Teachers made the students engage in different activities. The famous chocolate novel of Roland’s Dahl, the movie “CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY” by (Tim Burton 2005) was telecast to enjoy the beautiful visuals to understand life lessons, how to follow directions, how to be kind, and above all the endless canvas of human imagination. This colorful movie tour made their day.

The joy of celebrating ‘Chocolate Day’ was seen on the gleaming faces of tiny tots.

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