“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” …
It was an ostensible show of might when Chennai Public School took on Union Christian School on 1/8/18 in the TNCA city school under 14 Cricket Tournaments held at All Strom Ground , Pallavaram.
It was the dexterity of the fielders combined with the stellar performance of Deep. N. Doshi (127 not out), T. Karthik Srinivas (73 runs) and V. Auro Deep (5 wickets for 8 runs) which helped the C.P.S team to emerge as victors by a huge margin. (69 in 15.5 overs).
Congratulations to the winners.



“Your greatest resource is your time”.
Punctuality and good time management skills are vital for children to be successful in life as they acquire a sense of stability, security and self-confidence. To impart the importance of time management, CPS Junior Academy students observed “Being on Time”. A big wall clock was set up in each class and kids enjoyed moving the needle around to find time. They also learnt about keeping their timings in their day to day routine activities. As a special activity, the children were introduced to various time zones across the world.

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CPS-ANNANAGAR-“Ring the Bling”

Celebrating and exploring culture and tradition knowledge is the key to cultivate a positive learning experience. In order to foster such learning, “Ring the Bling” event was conducted for the primary students of CPS Anna Nagar.
The children energetically dressed in the attires of different states and articulated about their state’s significance. The array of the traditional dishes was a feast for the eyes. This event helped the children to develop a different perspective and understanding of their cultural and traditional values.

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‘Grandparents are a delightful bundle of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories and love.”

“Nana Nani Day” at the Junior Academy of CPS was a day of celebration for both the students and grandparents . The grandparents shared some mesmerizing moments with children. They entertained the children with music and melody, and by narrating stories. The children also sang a song with a special kind of love which they had for their grandparents. To cherish this memorable day the grandparents were presented with thank you cards and mementos.

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ITC’s Well-being Out of Waste (WOW) programme is a flagship initiative that seeks to address the crucial issue of post-consumer waste management in line with the Government’s `Swachh Bharat’ programme, ensuring the proper segregation and recycling of waste in a manner that protects and restores the environment. This programme aims to create awareness among school children about the “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle” approach. The programme seeks to inculcate the habit of source segregation prior to collection of post-consumer waste.

In CPS TMZ, the Well-being Out of Waste (WOW) programme was conducted from 17.07.18 to 18.07.18. Students from class 1 to 10 brought old notebooks, textbooks and newspapers with great enthusiasm and received new classmate notebooks and stationery in exchange.

Global Design Head, Nissan Motor Co. visits CPS-ANNANAGAR

It has been the constant endeavour of Chennai Public School to ensure that students make informed decisions with regard to their career choices through personal, professional and intellectual enrichment. In this regard, many initiatives with respect to Academia Industry Partnerships are launched to create awareness and opportunities in the field of space exploration, ship building, genetic engineering, automotive designing and many others. In this context, Mr Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice President & Global Design Head, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. was at CPS for a brainstorming session with the high school students on the topic “Roots of Design”, which engages students to understand the potential of careers in design and other creative pursuits. The intriguing questions pertaining to women empowerment in the field of automobile designing added yet another dimension to this engaging session involving parents, teachers and students.

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CPS TMZ : Early Etiquettes

Good manners lead to good habits, which leads to the development of one’s self
and the society. “Early Etiquettes” event was conducted by the Pre Primary wing
of Chennai Public School Thirumazhisai on 27th July 2018. The event focused on inculcating good habits and  the use of the golden words like ‘Thank you, Sorry, Please and Excuse Me’. The students from classes IPP1 to IPP 3 and UKG performed various programme like rhymes on golden words, skit on school etiquette’s and so on. Activity on washing hands, folding napkins etc., were conducted to emphasize on self hygiene.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-31 at 2.44.45 PM

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CPS-ANNANAGAR- Inter School Athletic Championship Meet

CPS bagged the Sports Trophy in the ISACM
“The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in the winning.”
The banners of Chennai Public school was kept flying high, amidst more than twenty schools and clubs that participated in the Inter School Athletic Championship Meet (ISACM) recently recently at the Muthukumaran Medical College Grounds. Diya Amal of Class VIII B won the Gold Medal in Long Jump, Silver Medal in 200 m, and was awarded the Individual Championship. Kaniga Sri of Class VIII B won the Gold Medal in 100 m, Silver Medal in Long Jump and Bronze Medal in 200 m. Naga Nishanth of class VIII G won the Gold Medal in 600 m.CPS emerged as the best school and was honoured with the prestigious Sports Trophy. Three cheers to all!


“You will find more in the woods than books’
Trees and stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters.”
Exposing your child to nature can ignite a lifelong love for the natural world. Children have an inborn affinity to the wonders of nature.
CPS Junior Academy celebrated “nature “by conducting various activities on water conservation, shielding and preserving the flora, the importance of hygienic environment etc. A special activity on the significance of three R’s namely Recycle, Reuse and Reduce were imparted to the students. Symbolically clad in green, the students enthusiastically participated in slogan writing on the theme
“Go Green”.
Well done cards were awarded to worthily attired students.

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Want to go on a world tour??? Jet setter…go better..nothing better…. With stunning beaches, a rich culture, ancient heritage buildings and majestic temples, the students of Chennai Public School, Anna Nagar had a wonderful experience travelling around the world by engaging themselves into different activities such as poster making, brochure making and scheduling tourist itinerary.

The students of secondary wing involved themselves in learning our own unknown northeastern states of India, framing the itinerary of Scandinavian countries and making posters of European countries. Through this activity, the students had a glimpse of knowledge wrapped up with exemplary fun, creativity and expression.

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