iKen Scientifica

The Design and technology approach to problem solving – the best way to learn

Fast increasing competitions and the demand on children to know more, calls for the education system
to evolve alongside the fast-evolving technology. Knowing this the Chennai Public School -Anna Nagar
Campus installed the iKen Scientifica Design & Technology (D & T) Lab in their premises during the
month of October, 2012.

iKen Scientifica is a unique new way to integrate design and technology in the school curriculum which
will help children develop a wholesome view on subjects and topics at hand. At the same time they learn
to innovate and apply what is learned.

iKen Scientifica workshops are a hands-on platform that offers a structured yet fun approach to learning,
science, design and technology to children from classes 4 to 9.

The school management and staff believe that this set-up is sure to help develop their children’s
aptitude by imbibing the design and technology approach that it offers.

The iKen Scientifica D&T Lab enables children to learn while playing with toys. It allows them to extend
their lessons learned in conventional classrooms and convert them into practical scenarios. The Lab
provides and lucrative and apt setting for experiential learning. iKen Scientifica is a learning strategy
where learning to think and innovate is the focus. Since the Lab lets children explore, it also allows the
children to find their individual learning styles. It allows them establish an independent understanding of
the topic or subject at hand.

From the desk of The Principal, Mrs Bhuvana Shankar:

While speaking about the new addition to the school, Mrs. Bhuvana Shankar, Principal said, “By
introducing the iKen Scientifica D&T Lab in our school we hope to inculcate basic design thinking skills
amongst students. It will also help develop abilities to deal with unconventional situations that demand
creative and innovative thinking. Most importantly we would like to emphasise upon playfulness in
education and learning.”

In recent times a shift in education and how it is imparted is being noticed. Everyone is talking about
a revolution in education. By inaugurating the iKen Scientifica D&T Lab, Chennai Public School hopes
to do the same. The digital inauguration of the iKen Scientifica lab was done during the Annual Day
celebration on 16th October 2012 at the Kamarajar Arangam.


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