This pandemic has forced every one of us to stay inside the house and has suspended all Get together,meetings etc., But the children of PP2 at CPS had a fun-filled session of introducing their family members to their peers virtually.

The Event “KITH & KIN ” brought the most awaited opportunity for each little one to proudly present the family photos to their friends and introduce the family members.  Few kids introduced their parents the way they call them in their mother tongue, which added a personal touch to the event.Children created a “Family Tree” sticking the photographs of their family members and happily shared few things they like to do together with their family.The children’s love towards their pets at home was very beautifully proven when a child came up with her puppy’s photo to stick in her family tree, as she always believed that her puppy is also a member of her family.

Overall, the kids had great fun introducing and talking about their family members and learnt about the difference between the type of families.

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